What About My Sin? (Part 2)

  • We ended part 1 with this question - What is it that makes us completely clean from the evil WE have done? The answer - His Blood. You'll notice from the scriptures shown that it MAKES us completely clean. It does the work. WE DON’T! Let's look at the truth.

    Hebrews 9:13-15 goes on to declare:

    13 The blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a cow were sprinkled on those who were no longer pure enough to enter the place of worship. The blood and ashes made them pure again—but only their bodies.

    14 So surely the blood sacrifice of Christ can do much more. Christ offered himself through the eternal Spirit as a perfect sacrifice to God. His blood will make us completely clean from the evil we have done. It will give us clear consciences so that we can worship the living God.

    What is it that makes us completely clean from the evil WE have done? His Blood. 

    15 So Christ brings a new agreement from God to his people. He brings this agreement so that those who are chosen by God can have the blessings God promised, blessings that last forever. This can happen only because Christ died to free people from sins committed against the commands of the first agreement.

    Christ brings a NEW AGREEMENT from God to us. Just look at verse 15. It’s amazing. He did this because of the sins committed against the commands (or law) of the first agreement.

    It isn’t God who is condemning us when we sin; it’s our own consciences. We haven’t purged our consciences with the truth of what Jesus has done with sin. Satan knows that. He is using it to condemn us. To destroy our faith and confidence in God, by reminding us we don’t deserve God’s blessing.

    Jesus paid for sin one time, past, present, and even the sins you will commit in the future. How can that be, you ask? I don’t know exactly, but let me tell you this, Jesus only died one time for our sins two thousand years ago so you better hope He can forgive your sins before you commit them.

    Hebrews 9:25-28 reads:

    25 The high priest enters the Most Holy Place once every year. He takes with him blood to offer. But he does not offer his own blood like Christ did. Christ went into heaven, but not to offer himself many times like the high priest offers blood again and again.

    26 If Christ had offered himself many times, he would have needed to suffer many times since the time the world was made. But he came to offer himself only once. And that once is enough for all time. He came at a time when the world is nearing an end. He came to take away all sin by offering himself as a sacrifice.

    He came ONCE ONLY. That was ENOUGH for all time to take away ALL SIN! What is it people are not understanding about this very clear truth? Why are they so intent on hanging onto their guilt and so called sin, when Jesus took it all away?

    27 Everyone must die once. Then they are judged.

    28 So Christ was offered as a sacrifice one time to take away the sins of many people. And he will come a second time, but not to offer himself for sin. He will come the second time to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.

    God knows the end from the beginning and He knew all the sins of the whole world. Jesus paid for all those committed before His sacrifice, and for all that had not yet been committed. He made the payment once and it will never be made again. The price for sin, all sin, has been paid!

    We have received an eternal inheritance (Heb. 9:15) that cannot be taken away. Your inheritance is not temporary; it’s eternal. When God invites us into His Kingdom, it’s not as a visitor, it’s as an heir and joint heir with Jesus. You aren’t disinherited nor do you lose the benefits of being part of the family because of sin.

    To understand this, you have to see yourself as God sees you. In your born-again spirit, you are as clean and holy and pure as Jesus is.

    Religion has you looking at your flesh. It has you searching the soulish realm of thoughts, attitudes, and feelings. God is looking at your spirit, the part of you that’s become a new creation.

    2 Corinthians 5:17 reads, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” In John 4:24 it declares, “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

    When you go to God in prayer and say “O God, I’m so ungodly and so unworthy, please forgive me, please answer my prayer,” you are not in the spirit; you are in the flesh. Your spirit is righteous, holy, and pure. Sin does not affect your spirit.

    Am I saying sin is okay? Absolutely not! When you sin, you give Satan an open door to the soul. Your mind, will, and emotions as well as opportunity to destroy your physical body. It’s just stupid to open yourself up to the devil, but God will still love you stupid.

    Some of you may still be thinking, Well, I know God died once for all men, but His sacrifice still must be applied whenever we sin. Let’s allow the truth of scripture get in the way of this wrong theology again. Here goes another pet snake.

    Hebrews 10:10-12, 14 reads,

    10 Jesus Christ did the things God wanted him to do. And because of that, we are made holy through the sacrifice of Christ’s body. Christ made that sacrifice one time—enough for all time.

    Did you see that. We are made holy through His sacrifice. He made that sacrifice ONE TIME. It was enough for ALL TIME. Are you getting this or are you deliberately trying to miss it. Quit listening to the false teaching about YOUR sin. It’s not truth. How much clearer does it have to be. It’s impossible to miss this unless you allow the wrong teaching to penetrate your performance based christianity.

    11 Every day the priests stand and do their religious service. Again and again they offer the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins.

    12 But Christ offered only one sacrifice for sins, and that sacrifice is good for all time. Then he sat down at the right side of God.

    One of the big BUTS in the bible. He offered this one time good for all time. God keeps repeating this hoping you’ll get it.

    14 With one sacrifice Christ made his people perfect forever. They are the ones who are being made holy.

    Here God repeats this again regarding us being MADE Holy. He just said this in verse 10. God is determined and very intentional to make sure we understand we are made holy, we don’t work to get holy. Come on. What else does God have to do to get you to understand his free gift of love and righteousness through grace and grace alone?

    This is not talking about your physical body or your soul. It’s talking about your born-again spirit. Your spirit is identical to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is sinless! Your soul and your body can be defiled by sin, but your spirit never can; it’s sealed forever.

    See the teaching “One Is and Two Are Yet To Be” on this website. It discusses in detail this very subject of our three part being. Body, Soul, and Spirit. Maturity in the Christian life isn’t about trying to grow your spirit up. It’s more educating, or renewing your mind to what you already have in your spirit.

    Your spirit is already perfect! You already have the fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, long-suffering. Your spirit is always happy, always rejoicing, and always healthy. God loves you even though you’ve messed up. Even though you aren’t perfect. He loves you not because of your performance, but because of Jesus’ sacrifice.

    If you can ever get a revelation of this it will change the way you see God forever. Oh, you’ll drive religious people crazy, but you’ll be set free from the bondage of sin, religion, legalism and false theology.

    Grace and Peace.