Healing From God's Pantry (1)

  • Let me just start with this. 2 Peter 1:2-4 (NAS).

    Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord;

    Just look at that. Grace and peace BE multiplied. It’s multiplied to us in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. It’s in the knowledge of Him. As has been said before, don’t seek provision, seek the provider, don’t seek peace, seek the prince of peace, don’t seek healing, seek the Healer. It’s all in Him. People say “we need to run from sin”. I disagree. I believe that if we run toward Jesus, that is moving away from sin.

    So rather than always falling into the religious trap of begging God to forgive us of our sin, we instead embrace the One who already forgave us of all our sin over 2000 years ago. It’s a done deal. It’s Christ and Him crucified and raised from the dead.

    seeing that His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.

    Wait a minute. Did that say everything pertaining to life and godliness? So that means righteousness, peace, joy, love, health, provision, and total forgiveness. How is this even available to us? Through performance? Attending church every time the doors are open? Performing duties we are not called to in the church? Making sure we read 3 chapters in our bibles everyday? Making sure we sharpen our algebraic skills so we can calculate what 10% of a number is and tithe every Sunday?

    NO!!!! It’s through the knowledge of Him. Him who called us not by our works, but by His own glory and excellence. I’m telling you, it just gets worse. If you’ll study your bible and quit reading it, you’ll see that it’s all Him doing it. Our part is to rest and receive. Woo Hoo!!

    For by these He has granted to us His precious and magnificent promises, so that by them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust.

    “For by these”. By what? By everything that was just said. By His divine power; by His glory; and by His excellence. It’s all His and Him. So by all of that “He has granted to us”. To whom? To us. Granted what? His precious and magnificent promises. I told you. God does not bless us based on our performance. He blesses us based on His promises. Why? The answer is right there. “So that by them you may become partakers of the divine nature”. Does that not just blow you away? Wow!!!

    So, with just that, it’s evident that God has already provided everything for us. It’s in our pantry just waiting for us to go get whatever we need. We don’t have to beg God, we just need to take the initiative to go get it and receive it. Those of you with children will understand this.

    When there’s food and drink in the house, they don’t have to beg you to eat and drink. They are heirs. Children of the father who has already provided for them. They can go get an apple, or banana, or a steak if they’d like. It’s theirs because you’ve provided it for them.

    I like to equate it to a pantry where I’ve stored extras. When the ketchup, for instance, is empty in the fridge I can go to the pantry to get another one. Although, my pantry will run out and I’ll need to put it on the list to replace the one in the pantry for next time, God’s pantry will never run out.

    Just as with healing. God healed 3 different blind men three different ways in the Bible. Healing may come through doctors, or prayer, or some natural source, but in any case, it was in supply somewhere.

    In the natural, if I can trust any number of grocery stores to never let me down and always have in supply what I need, then why would I doubt that God’s storehouse would ever be empty of those things that HE PROMISED ARE already provided for and available to me if I believe? (Mark 11:22-25)

    It is not that you don’t have ENOUGH faith, you just need to decide, to believe Him or not? The manifestation may not come when I think it should or want it to, but that doesn’t mean He doesn’t love me or that He hasn’t already healed me. Peter said that by His stripes we are already healed, not going to be healed.

    Therefore, spiritually speaking, instead of a trip to the store, I open my mouth, not to ask Him to do or provide something that He’s already “provided”, but to say, “Thank you, Lord, for your provision. Now let it be done on earth as it is in Heaven, manifesting the promised provision from the supernatural realm into the natural realm where I am right now. I love You, I believe You, and I fully expect that You have done this for me. You did it, knowing in advance what I would have need of before I ever had need of it, and provided for it before laying the foundations of the Earth.

    You said it is Your Will that I be in health and that I am already healed by the Stripes You took for me at the Cross. I don’t question my salvation; therefore I won’t question healing, because for both provisions, You said IT IS FINISHED. Thank You…..Praise You……You are a GOOD GOD AND FATHER at all times! My life and times are in Your hands. 

    Dr. Reginald Cherry, a christian doctor who has been on the Christian network for years, wrote a book called God’s Pathway to Your Healing, based on the scriptural Truth that God may choose to heal each of us of possibly even the same sickness or infirmity by a different means.

    If Jesus said IT IS FINISHED, then IT IS FINISHED. If I baked you a pan of brownies and said, “…Here, I baked you some brownies. They are yours….help yourself.” I would hope that you knew you could do just that. You wouldn’t stand there and continue to ask me to bake you some brownies when you were holding the pan full of brownies, would you? Of course not!

    Also, if you just recently went to the mortgage company and paid your LAST mortgage payment, you would get a document stamped with the words “PAID IN FULL”. Are you going to go back to that mortgage company next month and try to keep making mortgage payments? NO!!! They would look at you and say “that loan has been paid in full. It’s Completed, It’s Finished”.

    When you keep going to God begging Him for what He’s already done through Christ at Calvary, He doesn’t know what you’re talking about. “God please forgive me for my sin. I won’t do it again.” Yes you will. When God hears something like that He scratches His head and wonders what you’re talking about. Jesus already took care of your sin over 2,000 years ago. PAID IN FULL. COMPLETED. FINISHED.

    Those who pray by saying, “Lord, if it be Your Will, please heal so and so……” don’t know that He made His will concerning healing very clear. That some don’t receive physical healing here on earth does not negate that it IS HIS WILL. God is too Wise to make a mistake and too loving to be Unkind. He still has my very best in mind, no matter what.

    It isn’t that God doesn’t want to heal. It’s that He already has. The healer lives on the inside of you. Healing is present within you. It s the manifestation of that healing that we continue to seek. What is it we still do not know about healing? The deeper we dig into Truth, the more we find out about this wonderful mystery hidden for us and not from us.

    There's more to come in part 2. For now simply rest in the knowledge of Him and that everything has been provided. Grace and Peace.