Healing From God's Pantry (2)

  • Here's where we left off in Part 1. "It isn’t that God doesn’t want to heal. It’s that He already has. The healer lives on the inside of you. Healing is present within you. It s the manifestation of that healing that we continue to seek. What is it we still do not know about healing? The deeper we dig into Truth, the more we find out about this wonderful mystery hidden for us and not from us."

    As Shadrack, Mishak and Abednego said, “Our God is able………BUT IF NOT…..We still will not bow to you, Nebuchadnezzer.” The other reason people pray “…if it be Your Will, Lord”, is they need a scapegoat in case the person dies. They need to take the responsibility off of themselves. NEWS FLASH. We are not the Healer; Jesus is. Therefore, we are not responsible if the person doesn’t get healed, Jesus is, and He already did it. He said it, He is bound to fulfill His Word and Promises. All He asked us to do is to BELIEVE and ASK and CONFESS and THANK, etc.

    Healing is not an issue between God and us, it is an issue between God and Jesus. He didn’t make a covenant with us because He knew we couldn’t keep it or fulfill it. He cut covenant with Jesus because He was the only One able to keep it. It also doesn’t have anything to do with “IS THERE SIN IN YOUR LIFE”? Jesus healed the woman caught in adultery, for crying out loud. Afterwards, He said “….Go and sin no more”.

    That was not a command or task that He was laying on her as a burden. It was a declaration of who she was, based on how God saw her. A woman who need not be in bondage to the desires of lustful men, but instead a daughter of the King. A queen in Israel. That’s how God saw her.

    When Jesus said that, He imparted to her the grace anointing to be able to live her life with confidence and full self esteem, never returning to the gutter she had been living in. Jesus said, “where are those thine accusers”? In other words. Where are those that condemn you. After she answered, there are none, He said, neither do I condemn you.

    First, He gave her the gift of no condemnation, and then He empowered her with the grace anointing by saying she was set free from her old lifestyle and now able to walk in the newness of who she really is. In the church, they would first say “stop sinning and then we won’t condemn you”. Jesus didn’t call her a whore, a harlot, or point out all her failures. He simply loved her and spoke words of edification to her. That’s grace.

    Here’s another one that proves it wasn’t about sin. In John Chapter 9. “Who sinned?” the disciples asked, “that this man was born blind.” Jesus answered, “No one……….but that God would be glorified.”

    People take that and say, “….see, Jesus got glory out of his sickness". Really? Was God getting Glory all the time that man walked around blind? When did God get the Glory? When the man was healed, AMEN?

    Some refer to Exodus and the sins of the father being passed down. The BLOOD of Jesus set us free from that curse. We sometimes make harmful choices and blame God for “putting” the sickness on us. Judgement was taken care of for the believer at the Cross.

    Exodus 15:26 God speaking, told the Israelite if they adhered to His teaching and Hearkened to the Word of the Lord and kept His commandments then….He would not PUT these diseases on them.” People who have not STUDIED the language translation there, say, “…see, if we don’t do those things, God will punish us and put disease on us.”

    All of the bible is written for us, but not all of it is written to us. There are some specific cases related in the Bible that were for that specific instance and not intended for future generations, so dispensation and circumstances are important to pay attention to. We certainly can learn from them, no doubt.

    However, back to PUT THE DISEASES ON US. In translating the Bible from original text to KJV, there was not a sufficient word at that time for the original text so they used the word put, but the original text said, “…I (God) will not allow or permit these things to come upon you.”

    I see God’s Hand as always being Protective, NOT AFFLICTIVE. In fact, in studying the NAMES OF GOD I didn’t find the one that said I AM THE GOD WHO AFFLICTS YOU. That would be Jehovah ________ Who??????????

    In other words, what I am trying to say is, you can’t smoke for 40 years, get lung cancer and say God is punishing me. No!!! There’s a warning on the package, just as God warned us that certain behavior would be a poor choice because it could lead to sickness, disease, death, etc.

    If you lay your hand on a burner that is turned on you will get burned. God didn’t do it…….you did. Having random sex with many partners could lead to you attracting an STD. Then you blame God. Why did you do this to me God? He didn’t. It’s because of your poor choice. It’s not that He won’t Protect you, He can’t because You won’t allow Him to…..You made a choice and He will defend your right to free choice even when it’s wrong or harmful to you.

    Ahh…….then there’s “God is punishing me or teaching me a lesson” CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP!!!!! Jesus speaking “If you, being human, know how to give good things to your children…when they ask for bread you don’t give them stones, etc……How much more loving is Your Father in Heaven (one version says right after that, “giving the Holy Spirit” which is the BEST GIFT HE GAVE US AFTER JESUS WENT TO SIT AT HIS RIGHT HAND).

    How many times have you HURT your children (not Godly discipline now) by burning them, beating them, cutting them, to teach them a lesson. Ludicrous question, right? If you love your children so much as to NOT hurt them, why would you think we serve a God Who takes pleasure in causing you to suffer to teach you a lesson. If you treated your children the way most people believe God treats us, you’d be put in jail for child abuse.

    Okay, but what about the suffering it talks about. What about suffering for Jesus. The suffering for Jesus is clearly written in the scripture as the suffering we go through for the Gospel and being His witnesses, NOT HIM AFFLICTING US BECAUSE HE WANTS TO TEACH US. God’s Love wouldn’t even permit Him to do such a VILE thing, and I frankly would not serve a god like that! The suffering is when people scoff at you or challenge you about the truth of the Gospel or even challenge your belief that there is a God.

    It’s not sin that brings on sickness. It’s not missing the will of God that brings on sickness. It’s also none of those things that prevent healing to manifest. The healing is already done. It was God’s desire to see us all live in health, so He did something at the cross that works for everyone. Jesus said it is finished and that settles it. Again, it’s already all done.

    Jesus is not going to go back to the cross and die again. He did that once for all time and it “has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence”. It doesn’t say it will be granted. It says He HAS granted to us everything. Done. Settled. Finished. Complete. Now just rest in what Jesus has already done and receive the goodness of God. Grace and Peace.


  • Ron Stewart
    Ron Stewart I read both posts and this is good stuff. Thank you for sharing this. It puts things in perspective. I've never really thought of it as you tell it but I should have.
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  • Mark Kunerth
    Mark Kunerth Thank you for your encouraging comment. Our desire is to bring the knowledge of the truth that makes people free. It took years of study before my wife and I were able to grasp the Truth behind the black print on the white background, but that's in...  more
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