The "And Suddenlies" (2)

  • So, we see that “and suddenlies” occur in many different circumstances. They are not just for healing, or provision, or salvation, or restoration, but can occur for any need that befalls us.

    I believe Bill Johnson said this also. “We occupy something only for the purpose of advancement. It’s not proper to receive something from Christ and not use it to further the kingdom”. Besides, any revelation you receive from the Holy Spirit that is not shared with others, only serves to make you more religious.

    Remember the story of the talents? Even though everything is yours, you must take possession of it. In my previous blog on “How Do You See Me Now”, I used Ephesians 1:14 which laid out the truth about taking possession of what is rightfully ours. Why is it that way? Because God wants us to join in the experience of the victory that is already ours.

    You know, you think you’ve done what you ought. Everything is going along fine. The devil is not bothering you. Well, if you never run into the devil it might be because you’re going in the same direction.

    Recalling another statement made by Graham Cooke. “Every revelation you receive from God, must by necessity be challenged with contradiction to prove its authenticity”. How you fare in the challenge will determine the victory realized in the battle.

    This happened to Adam and Eve in the garden. God said to Adam in Genesis 2:16 “Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat”. Here comes the contradiction of that revelation. Genesis 3:1. You’ll notice the enemy does not come to Adam with his challenge of God’s Word, but rather to Eve. There are times when the enemy will use others to bring to you a contradiction to a great truth God has given you. Not always, but there are times. Look what the enemy says. “Yea, hath God saidye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?”

    Do you see how subtle the enemy is. God said “Of every tree you may eat” and the enemy said “hath God said ye shall not eat of every tree”. The enemy will turn the positive revelation of God negative and try to cause us to question what God has said. He doesn’t have to say what God said is wrong, he just has to get us to question what God said by suggesting something different.

    Jesus was not immune to this tactic. Look what God said about Jesus at the river Jordan. Matthew 3 records the baptism of Jesus by John. Verse 17 says “And lo a voice from heaven saying, This is my beloved Son, In whom I am well pleased”.

    Here comes the contradiction or challenge. Matthew 4:3. Jesus has now been in the wilderness 40 days and 40 nights to be tempted of the devil. He’s hungry and tired and the enemy comes to him with this challenge. If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread. Do you see the negative once again being presented?

    God said “This IS my beloved Son”. The enemy said “IF THOU BE the Son of God”. Again, the enemy will suggest something opposite but subtle regarding a revelation you’ve received from God. That’s a good clue for you to grasp. Whenever you hear the voice of the enemy, take what he says and turn it 180 degrees, because that will be the truth. The enemy cannot tell the truth, so everything he says is in direct contradiction to the truth.

    Whenever the Lord gives you a word or imparts a gifting to you He backs away to see what you will do with it. Again, recalling the talents. He handed them out and then backed away to see what they would do.

    Sometimes we look at a spiritual promotion in Christ and ask why we are being attacked as a result of it. That’s the wrong question, because every experience the Lord gives you is an introduction into his presence or your inheritance.

    When the Spirit opened up the revelation of this Gospel of Grace to us, how many know that there were some old “friends” of ours who thought we were crazy and heretics? Nevertheless, we could feel God’s freedom releasing us into His presence without us having to work to persuade Him to accept us. We realized that He had called us to preach and teach this glorious Gospel of Grace to others.

    What we must remember is when the Lord brings us into His glory, joy, Kingdom living, it’s not as a visitor, but as an heir. So, when we step into a new place of His provision and revelation, we step into a new realm of the Kingdom. As a result, we possess the spiritual acreage we have just acquired.

    Knowing what you have access to is essential for brokering the kingdom. When you know what is yours in Christ and what backs you up you’ll feel confident. Confident to declare healing, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and so on.

    What will you do with what you’re given? When an “and suddenly” occurs in your life, what will you do with it? The victories you receive establish you in a position to affect communities and cities if you sew them into the kingdom. Get ready. An “and suddenly” is on its way. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready. Grace and peace.


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