Divine Power and Authority (1)

  • “There are kingdom principles and there is kingdom presence. It’s better to live by presence than it is to live by principles” (Bill Johnson). Great moves of God are not sustained because of multiple meetings. We can’t simply rely on the wave of the movement at the time. The disciples had a hard time getting this concept. They were in His presence but kept missing the events of the miracles.

    They had just seen great miracles. He healed a man, that was in the synagogue, of an unclean spirit in Mark 1 (I’ve run across a few of these in the synagogue/church). He healed the paralytic in Mark 2. A man with a withered hand in Mark 3. In Matthew 14 he feeds the five thousand and in Mark 8 he feeds the four thousand, just to mention a few miracles.

    Yet with all of that, look at their reaction in Matthew 16. They just came off two powerful feeding miracles. Now they are saying they have no bread. What was their reasoning? They fell into the trap of focusing on the natural (lack of bread), which was the false teaching of the Pharisees and Saducees, and miss the deeper truth of the supernatural.

    When you experience a miracle it is to teach you to see. Every experience the Lord gives you is an introduction into his presence and into your inheritance. Here’s the problem. What you can not see is eternal. What you can see is temporal. That really puts in perspective what is more real and where we ought to be living.

    The disciples didn’t change their thinking. After the miracle of the loaves, they were still seeing in the natural realm. Also, with all the miracles they experienced, they quickly forgot them when they were confronted with the storm. Hmmm. Sounds familiar.

    In Luke 9 we see Him calling them together and giving them power and authority. This is sustained when both are present. Power equals catching the wave. Authority equals starting the wave. The disciples just did not get it. They didn’t realize they were commissioned with all power and authority. We too have been given all authority in heaven and earth according to John 17:18 and Matthew 28:18. 2 Peter 1 confirms this as we’ll see in part 2 of this study. Yet many think it is only through ministers that God works.

    Jesus gave to everyone who believes the power and authority to do the same works that He did. What a statement! But it is absolutely true. Look at this scripture in John 14:12. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father”.

    All believers will do the same works that Jesus did; it’s not limited to ministers. Ministers/Pastors are not the only ones who can operate in this miraculous power of God. Jesus said that believers will lay hands on the sick and the sick will recover (Mark 16:18).

    How often do we have the opportunity to step out and start a move of God, but neglect to act on it. I don’t mean start a church or bible study. How about just listening to someone who is pouring their heart out and then taking the opportunity to speak truth to them. Maybe it’s writing a book that would help many. Giving to a good purpose. Spending time with someone just to provide company for the moment. Seeing someone having trouble walking and simply ask them if you can pray for them.

    We come up with these excuses as to why we didn’t act on a situation. We get religious and say things like “well, I’m in a winter time right now”. There’s no winter in heaven. The reason you have a winter is because you think you’re supposed to. Besides, that’s the best time to pray or help someone else, because there’s always someone out there that is going through more than you can imagine. In your brokenness God will work mightily through you, because when you’re weak, He is strong.

    The reason Jesus could do what He did is because he was able to extract the things in the unseen world and bring them into the normal or seeing world. He also did not do these things as the Son of God. He did them as a man in right standing with God.

    People today get in a great healing meeting. Signs and wonders abound. Miracles take place, and in those meetings they enjoy the supernatural experiences rather than simply understanding they have authority to begin a power wave of miracles. It’s the difference between power and authority.

    The supernatural lifestyle is the Christian life. When we get to that position of understanding where we are seeing things from God’s perspective, then miracles will become simple and the supernatural lifestyle will become normal.

    Here’s the good news. Whether you’re praying for another’s healing or receiving your own, it’s available to every true follower of Christ.

    Jesus didn’t ask the Father, He came to do the Father’s Will. Even Jesus said He only did what the Father told Him. It wasn’t the other way around. It wasn’t what He asked the Father. It was what He heard the Father say and saw the Father do.

    That is why you’ve heard me say that being seated in heavenly places according to Ephesians 2:6 is not just some great sounding supernatural statement. It is truth. So, it’s important we take our rightful place there so we can hear what the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are saying about a matter. Then, instead of trying to beg answers out of heaven, we will instead declare from heaven down to earth.

    That is what “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” means. You can’t do His will here on earth, if you don’t know what it is in heaven. So, take your rightful place in heaven and listen in on the conversation. Take your seat around the round table of glory and listen to what they are saying. It’s okay to eavesdrop on what they are saying about someone or something. Grace and Peace.