Believer's Authority (2)

  • If you think part 1 was filled with Truth, buckle your spiritual seatbelts, because we've just got started. In John 16:27 Jesus says “The Father himself loves you because you have loved me. And he loves you because you have believed that I came from God”.

    The Father loves you, because you love Jesus and have believed that Jesus came from the Father. Not because you’re so holy. Not because you’re so good. Not because you read your bible everyday. Not because you give. Not because you go to church. It’s simply because you have faith in Jesus. That’s why the Father loves you.

    Again there’s nothing wrong with studying your bible, giving your time and resources to God, going to church, or living properly, but these things don’t bring you into the family. They are more a result of being in the family.

    It’s the grace of God that provides this. Faith doesn’t get it for you. Grace has already done that. Faith just reaches out to receive what grace has already provided. The faith you got saved by is a gift of God. You can’t work for it. You simply choose to believe and receive.

    We are saved by grace, but then most of the church world tells you now you have to perform…….wrong. That’s trusting in your holiness. That’s trusting in your goodness. Okay, but how do I continue in the faith? The same way you started. Look at Colossians 2:6 – “You accepted Christ Jesus as Lord, so continue to live following him”.

    Philippians 2:13 in the NLT reads “God is working in you, giving you the desire to obey Him and the power to do what pleases Him”. The Living bible says – “For God is at work within you, helping you want to obey Him, and then helping you do what He wants”.

    Who is doing all the work? God is working, God is at work. He gives you the desire and then helps you fulfill that desire. It’s all Him, IF you’ll let Him.

    We are told we can’t get anything from God unless we perform. That is wrong, wrong, wrong. Goodness is wonderful if you use it against the devil, but when you bring it to God it’s useless. God loves you. The problem is the average Christian doesn’t believe that. The average Christian is frustrated, because of the works oriented mentality. Let me say it loud and clear. God is not withholding anything from you.

    Healing, prosperity, power, anointing are not being withheld by God, but the legalistic church has duped you into thinking you have to perform for God. You have to do things to get things from God. Either that’s a lie or Matthew 6:33 is a lie.

    We hear preachers saying “holiness is necessary to get from God”. Listen close. I’m about to ruffle some religious feathers. Holiness will not make God love you more. Holiness will make you love God more. Holiness is not a prerequisite for God to have a relationship with you.

    How can I be good enough? You can’t. I just read it for you in Philippians 2:13. If God is working in you and you’re trying to work so hard to be good enough, you’re pushing God aside. Living the Christian life is not easy…it’s impossible.

    How can God accept me? Like I said before. God did something that works for everyone. You’re holiness does not move God. Only Jesus’ holiness moves God. You’re righteousness does not move God. Only Jesus’ righteousness moves God. Reading your bible everyday does not impress God. But reading your bible every day will make you more impressed with God. Going to church every Sunday does not win you any points with God. But going to a Grace and Truth preaching/teaching church every Sunday will help point you to God.

    Going to church is for your benefit, not Gods. Reading your bible everyday is for your benefit, not Gods. Giving to God is for your benefit, not Gods. So you would be stupid not to give to God, not to study your bible, or not to go to church, but God will still love you stupid.

    Now don’t hear what I’m not saying. We don’t throw out the moral code, but when people get caught up in this works mentality they are prime targets for the enemy. No matter how good, how holy, how righteous you might think you are, the devil will eventually find something that he can condemn you on. It’s always something he put there. He’ll put a filthy thought in your mind and then condemn you for having it.

    When you understand God’s grace the devil will have nothing to throw at you, because it’s not anything of you. It’s all Jesus, and He defeated the devil. You’ll be able to exercise the authority of the believer.

    Now we are only about half way through on this subject, so watch for part 3 very soon. Grace and Peace.