The Unjust Judge (2)

  • Okay, so hopefully you studied ahead through verses 7 and 8. In verse 8 the statement is made that He will avenge them speedily. In the NAS it says He will bring about justice for them quickly. Then why is it when it comes to restoration or people getting back what the enemy has stolen, it always takes us a long time? I’m not talking just about getting back stuff, or things, or money, or health. I’m also talking about getting time back. OH YOU MISSED THAT!!!

    Look at Joel 2:25. God says He’ll restore or he’ll make up to you the years that have been stolen. Write down the years. Take them before God and say – I want everything that the enemy has stolen from me. I want it back. I want my stuff back. I want my years back.

    Biblical restoration is not just getting back what was taken. It’s at a minimum getting back at least 2 times (Exodus 22:1-4). In job 42 it says the lord gave him back double. But there’s a promise I like in Proverbs 6:30 and 31. It says seven fold. What’s God saying? When it comes to restoration, He will break the enemies bank.

    Understand that your enemy is never flesh & blood. For though we walk in the flesh, we don’t war after the flesh. If the enemy can get you into fighting the flesh, he has distracted you from your reward.

    Proverbs 11:31 reads the righteous shall be recompensed/rewarded. You need to know that faith has a right to have an attitude. Walk around with that authorized attitude and say it’s payback time. Get back what the enemy has stolen.

    Isaiah 63:4 contains a very prophetic word. God says He’s always ready. In this scripture the word redeem means to rescue or deliver from loss. Now I know this is an Old Testament prophet declaring a prophetic word, but when the prophetic word comes to you, as this one surely could, don’t miss it. Grab hold of it for yourself. God said the year of redemption has come. Grab that. Maybe it’s time to tell someone this is my year. I’m getting back what the enemy has stolen.

    So why aren’t we seeing this today? Well, lets go back to Luke 18, verse 6. This woman came to this unjust judge. Let me remind you that this is a parable. It’s a parable not of comparison, but of contrast.

    God is NOT the unjust judge, because God is NOT unjust. So the judge here is NOT God. Now get that straight before we move on. God would never call Himself unjust, and Jesus would never say anything that portrays God as unjust. Once again, remember this is a parable. It’s one of contrast, not comparison. Jesus is contrasting an unjust judge to a righteous one.

    Skipping backwards a bit to verses 4 and 5. Lest by her continual coming she weary me. And the lord said “Hear what the unjust judge said”. Here’s what he said. I’m going to give her what she asked for even though she has not worn me out. 

    We’ve heard this preached that if you keep on coming and keep on asking you’ll finally wear God out and he’ll answer. NO. God is NEVER wearied by us coming to Him, boldly before the throne of GRACE. So it is just a lot of religious double speak. Prayer is not designed to convince God to change your circumstances. It’s designed to prepare you to be involved in God’s activity. Prayer is to adjust you to God’s will. Not to adjust God to your will. Jesus said he will do it speedily…fast. So why does it takes so long?

    Notice what it says. It says the judge was troubled, but not yet tired. I’m not worn out yet, but if she keeps doing this I may get worn out. I’m not worn out yet, but I am disturbed.

    So the question is, if he’s not worn out yet, why is he troubled? What has caused him to be disturbed? Are you ready for the answer? Here it is!!!!!! The reason he’s troubled is because he’s UNJUST. In other words, he’s used to getting away with not dispensing justice. He’s used to not giving people what they’re entitled to. He’s accustomed to stealing from people and keeping what he has stolen.

    This widow comes to him, not begging, not pleading, not rolling on the floor, not jabbering some ole religious sounding mantra like the Lord will make a way. NO. She comes and says I WANT JUSTICE! Which means that he knows, that she knows, what the law says she’s entitled to and what her covenant is.

    Here’s what she says. I want you to do a prophetic act while I’m quoting what I believe she said. Point to your bible while I’m saying this. “Judge, I’ve been robbed. According to sec. 6, penal code #5, I want my stuff back Mr. Judge”.

    This is how we must come to the Father. God you said in chapter so and so and verse so and so this. Come with your law book open. Come putting a demand on what is due you. All the promises in God’s word are yours. Now I know this is bothering the religious legalists out there, because I’m destroying their false teaching, but the truth is the enemy has stolen from you. You have promises from God that the enemy has stolen from you. They belong to you. They are yours.

    I’m not asking anymore. I’m commanding my rights. Putting a demand on what is due and collecting what’s mine according to the word of God. Each and everyone of the promises in His Word.

    She didn’t come with a bunch of platitudes or religious sounding words or shaking and crying. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll shake and bake with the best of them, but when it comes to the enemy you’ve got to read him chapter and verse. He’s not going to just rollover. You’ve got to take God’s truth and read it to him and tell him “this is the law”.

    Listen to what the unjust judge says. I love what verse 7 says. “And shall God (my God) not give justice to those who cry out to him day and night though He bear long with them”? The reason he bears long is because we don’t come to him based on His word. As powerful as God is, He can’t move unless somebody releases His word in the air. That’s the way He set it up. He gave us all power and authority in heaven and earth.

    The reason he bears long is because we haven’t given Him something he can move on. As soon as we declare to Him, “you said that you would do this”. “Your word declares it to be thus and so”, God says, as soon as you come to Me like that it won’t take Me long. I’ll do it speedily. When you put Me in remembrance of My word, my angels go to work immediately. Now God is not forgetful of His Word, He just wants to remind you by reminding Him of what He has said in His Word.

    Many times people have the mindset and even vocalize that it takes God a long time to act suddenly. I’m thinking it’s not God who is taking a long time to act suddenly, I’m thinking it is that most people are simply not exercising the authority they’ve been given to put a demand on what is due them. The problem with most people is that they are waiting for life to start. I say quit waiting for life to start and simply start life now.

    Now if through all of this teaching, all you concluded is that we order God around, you didn’t hear what was said. God is not a bit troubled when we read back or declare back to Him the promises He made to us. He is delighted, because it shows Him we truly see Him as Father and Provider of all.

    All that has been given to Jesus has been given to us. God has every provision just waiting for us to put a demand on. We are not commanding or demanding from God, we are commanding and demanding from the provision God has already given to us by promise. When we do, the enemy realizes we know that we are fully entitled to what he is trying to steal from us.

    Remember, we are not changed by the promises we make to God. We are changed by the promises He makes to us. God does not bless us based on our performance. He blesses us based on His promises. It isn’t what we want that gets us in trouble. It’s that we rely on our own strength to get us there rather than putting a demand on what is due us based on the promises He has made to us. 

    Don't forget, when you declare God’s word/promises back to Him, you’re praying. We tell God who He is, but that’s not all. We also remind Him of what He said is ours, because as we do, someone else is listening. Guess who? Grace and Peace.