Effortless Change

  • I really love Darren Hardy’s book The Compound Effect. Like compound interest in mathematics; small incremental change adds up overtime and can yield big result.  So spend 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes daily reviewing and taking charge of your health goals.  Effortless change is designed to do just that.

    Effortless change that can add a ton of benefits to your life; let’s find out which ones are right for you

    Water (if you have not read our blog ”Is water really that important?” please do so)

    1. Have a glass of room temperature water first thing in the morning. When your stomach starts felling queasy then go sit on the throne and reign (that is breathe in, breathe out, relax) and let nature do her thing.
    2. Add lemon juice to your water
    3. A dehydrated body can cause your pancreas not to function properly. Many persons are aware that the pancreas produces insulin but they are not aware that it produces hormones to digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

    Water is also needed to flush liver which is responsible for 500 functions in the body and when it is clogged up symptoms of diabetes show up.

    Weight Management (if you are overweight)

    1. Take 5 deep breaths before you eat
    2. Eat slowly
    3. Eat until you are 80% full
    4. Be mindful/present when you are eating – do not focus on other things as it is easier for you to over eat if you are not mindful.
    5. Drink water
    6. Eat whole foods instead of processed foods
    7. Move more

    Does this mean that all weight management problems will be solved? No! but you will definitely feel the difference.


    1. Something for everyone
    2. 5 minute rep
    3. Water bottle exercise
    4. Exercising in bed the how to


    1. The Key role sleep plays in keeping you healthy
    2. How much do you get?
    3. How much more can you get?
    4. Break the pattern – afternoon nap is not just for babies

    Good Relationship

    1. Cost you nothing and keep you healthy
    2. The connection between loneliness and disease

    Stress Reduction

    1. Just breathe
    2. A man thinketh… what are you thinking when you are faced with challenges?
    3. Stress is debilitating versus stress is enhancing, which on are you choosing?

    Ask me how