Listen to the Voice


    Pastor Jim Sanderbeck

    May 8, 2021

    THIS has been an amazing and jam-packed week with God.  As we begin this weekend of Mother's Day celebrations, I just had to release to you some of what God is saying to us as His "people", "children", "sons", "church", "foot company" and "nation."  I use these references very specifically because in Him each of us has assignments and roles in Kingdom life where we are one individual, yes, but we have multiple expressions to fulfill--just as He is 1 God with 3 Expressions.  NEVER should we limit ourselves and thereby limit what He can do through us.  Don't put God in a box; He is the box!  Saying that brings me to the core of this blog--God is working on many fronts right now and HIS VOICE IS NOT SILENT.  He is speaking!  Unless we stay in His presence through prayer, study, worship, and word while listening to the still small voice and the prophetic voice by the Holy Spirit, we will miss Him and the strategies He has for our life.  You must listen to the voice for yourself, your family and your varying roles, assignments and expressions as an ambassador for the Kingdom of God.  As a Christ-centered son, this should be the most active and vigorous time in your life--no matter how you may be called to express it.  He is counting on us to be what He wants us to be when He wants us to be it.

    For all Christians, the voice of the Lord is being tried right now.  The world is trying to shut down the voice.  The voice of the world, which speaks through the media, politics and circumstances, clamors for your attention and if you listen to it, you will grow weak and allow such spirits as fear and doubt to bring an influence in your life.  Even in Christian circles, there is disunity about the voice.  You must take care in listening.  I have made my choice.  I will listen to the voice that is not the loudest but the voice that is foundational, consistent, unchanging and lines up with the Word and the pattern of the Word of God.

    I have heard the word of pending great judgment, the word of a Great Awakening, and the word of the survival and re-emergence of our great nation.  I have written and spoken to you of these things on numerous occasions.  There are amazing things happening but you must listen.  There are Christian voices of disunity that have abandoned the prophetic word of the Lord that they once endorsed and even voiced.  They have called for repentance by those that will not recant this foundational word of the Lord.  They do this they say to be a “balancing” word in the midst of turmoil, but have set themselves up to be what I call “Christian policemen.”  This is not God’s way of handling disagreement, and, in essence, they are adding to the turbulence and cooperating with the world to silence the Voice of the Lord.  Do we not understand or see the deceptiveness of our adversary?  Did God change His mind?  Again, I say, listen to the Voice.  Discern.

    I have provided you a list of the proven and credible resources of prophets, pastors and ministry leaders that I feel are providing accurate balance and directives from the Holy Spirit.  This week there were 2 very significant messages that were released: Pastor Kent Christmas last Sunday (May 4th) at his Regeneration Nashville church service and the Flashpoint interview of Gene Bailey with Mario Murillo, Kent Christmas, Hank Kunneman and Dutch Sheets released on May 5th from the KCM Victory Channel.  The passion and anointing was powerful.  The information in the interview is current and instructive.  I also tell you again, that you must look past personalities and delivery styles, as you listen for God’s voice.  I have heard many times, “well I don’t like this style of speaking”, “I don’t like the volume”, “I don’t like the tone of voice”, his/her appearance is not what appeals.”  Please get past those kinds of things and discern the anointing and the consistent thread of the Spirit.

    Listen to the Voice behind the word.  God is telling us what He is doing.  He is telling us the posture he needs us to reflect.  These are trying and, in some ways, difficult times to say the least.  But God is working and doing some amazing things RIGHT NOW!  It is like there is a cake in the oven and the aroma is fantastic, but it isn’t fully baked yet.  Be patient.  God does not work on your time frame.  Listen to the Voice!

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