Kings Must Be Prepared

  • I'm going to send out some challenges today. I've recently been reflecting on the Scripture of Proverbs 25:2. I'm focused on the last part of the verse primarily. The entire verse reads: "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter." Look at the last part of the verse yourself. I want to challenge you today first to not be subject to a "woke" posture of awareness or awakening by incomplete or partially true narratives and search things out YOURSELF. Let Holy Spirit guide and teach you. You are a king by God's standards and it is to your glory to search out truth that brings you to revelation.

    With that said, I'm not going to bring specifics to you but rather guide you to a place of research that will reveal to you just where we stand spiritually today in the midst of the most degenerative, embarrassing and immoral conditions, I believe, since the Dark Ages. What is going on in the world and in this nation currently over the past 5 years is very very difficult for me to fathom and even understand. I believe God is about to intervene dramatically. I believe the prophesied "awakening" has begun and exposure and justice is occurring. I believe this way because of what I hear the Spirit of God saying to my heart and what He is prophetically releasing in mega-deliveries through the warrior spirits of His mature and trusted prophets. Now, for your research.

    I don't think Dutch Sheets would consider himself a "prophet", yet he flows prophetically. He is a teacher, evangelist, and pastor with a prophetic gifting. He is someone that I could easily call a friend. We listen to his daily releases in Give Him 15 very regularly. The last few releases were game-winning home runs and touchdowns. So, I challenge you to listen to them (and/or read)--especially today's (Aug. 25th). Be the king you are called to be and "search out a matter."

    2 other links for your equipping:

    I counsel you in love: Kings are actively engaged with the world around them. Priests take care of the ecclesiastical matters that go on between God and man. Please my friends, get equipped and get prepared for both the good and the tough times we are experiencing in this hour--whatever that means to you and your situation. God is on the move!

    Now, a second part of my challenge and exhortation today to you as a king is to pray these things in agreement every day until.... (there is a manifestation and I don't believe it will be long). Here are the points for your intercession:
    1. That the Captain of the Lord’s host - Jesus, will demonstrate that He is, indeed, a Man of war. May the same indignation that rose in Him when lucifer tried to take over Heaven, rise up in Him now. May the One with fire in His eyes release that consuming fire against our spiritual giants now.
    2. The exposure of those perpetrating evil of every form and on every mountain in society (mountains of religion, government, media, entertainment, finance, social/family, and education)
    3. A table of justice to be prepared for us (believers/Ekklesia) in the midst of our enemies. Accountability will be the harvest of the just.
    4. A raising up of warriors from the Ekklesia who have Caleb hearts. Hearts that burn for God to be glorified in cities, states and nations and will not shirk or fall back from the enemies of God until the victory of their assignment is attained
    5. A spirit of evangelism will be released in the earth like never seen before. The standard of Jesus will be lifted up and millions will be drawn by the Spirit to acknowledge Him and yield to Him their hearts eternally. Let a great awakening and a full reformation of His purposes and plans become manifest in our seeing.

    The third and final challenge is for you to get actively and tangibly involved in your community and/or schools or to any level you can within your sphere of influence. If you do nothing more than get your presence (which reflects the nature of Christ) into meetings, conversations etc. that have outcomes. Not wrangling over words or demonstrations that produce strife alone but allow your presence to cut through to the truth in love and bring about a Kingdom outcome. Don't shrink back but be bold for the sake of Christ and the Kingdom.


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