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  • Sharing some thoughts:
    If you have been a believer for any length of time, you will probably have heard Ezekiel 37 read in Church before, even many times, so you are already quite familiar with the concept of a Valley of Dry Bones being spoken to by the prophet Ezekiel by the instruction of God. It was a picture of a nation experiencing collective hopelessness, and the utter incapability of making things right. Sounds familiar?

    I was in prayer and the Lord led me to Chapter 36 where He begins by speaking to the earth itself, to the mountains and hills, the ravines and valleys, to listen to His plans for the people of Ancient Israel, and what He has destined for them.

    Because the rocks hear His voice, they will cry out if the people do not, so the land must be told what to expect, so that it yields to God, in agreement with Him, and with the righteous ones living on it.

    The second level of revelation, in the multi-layers of Scripture, is that the mountains and hills can represent the leadership of the peoples. David said, Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. He wasn't talking about a mountain, but God Himself, representative of Mount Zion, that Holy Hill that only one with clean hands could ascend.

    God went to Abraham, for the same reason, to tell him the plans He had for Sodom and the surrounding five cities, and to find agreement so that He could proceed in ridding the earth of the evil and defilement that had occurred which was more vile than the days prior to the Flood in the days of Noah.

    In Ezekiel's day, Ancient Israel needed, once again, to know Who God is, and that He still loves them. The surrounding nations also needed to learn a reverential respect for God. It was in this manner, in Chapter 36, that God had determined to make Himself and His Holiness known once again in Israel, and among the nations.

    It is no secret that we live in a generation which has, for the most part, lost the respect for all authority, and does not value the authority of the Church, much less God's will, His Word, His prophets, or His plans for earth and the people in it -- to bless them with His abundance, and remove the evil in it so that the righteous can live in peace and joy.

    The Apostle Paul described our generations as though he had walked our streets, sat with us, and listened to the news reports of our time. He was an apostle, but he was very prophetic.

    One of the things I have learned about the prophetic is -- we are all prophetic. Let me explain. We all have what we say, receive what we believe for -- by fear or faith -- because the Holy Spirit within us is as creative as on the first day when God said, LIGHT BE!

    We have been called: The light of the world. Anyone can discuss what is. Isn't it time we create with our words what ought to be? When God looked at the chaos in Genesis 1, He hovered over it and called for the Light. We have become expert at reporting the news. But God asked Abraham to, Call those things which are not as though they were -- now that's faith! Abraham saw with the eyes of faith, recognized it as tangible and real and therefore spoke it into being just like God. His name was Isaac -- laughter.

    John was told, Write what is, what was, and what is to come. God values accurate record keeping so that none of His words come back to Him void of fulfillment. He writes down the words we say also -- isn't that amazing? Doesn't it make sense then that we speak like our Father in Heaven just as Jesus set the example in His earthly ministry.
    Yes, it is hard, because we have to relearn how to speak. But look around you -- wouldn't it be worth it to you to see your words come to pass for the better, and not for the worse? Yes, I think you would agree with me on that one.

    Be light, and start shining until the darkness around you flees. Be who God called you to be, a mirror of His ways, not a loudspeaker of the world's ways. I have learned this the hard way, so I am passionate about this, until we all walk as Jesus walks.

    There was a man who had a glimpse of this concept when he said, Be the change you seek. No matter your platform for changing your sphere of influence, represent the Kingdom of God well by emphasizing God's way of doing things. Only God has the solutions that affect change, so seek first His Kingdom and all these things surrounding us in the earth will have to line up with God's word -- the desire of your heart will be added to the Kingdom things God has for you.

    How do I know this? I'm glad you asked.

    Jesus walked on the water of a lake in Israel, during a hurricane, with over 20 foot swells, and made like He was going to walk past the ship, until He was invited in to affect change. You know the story -- He simply spoke to the wind and the waves. Peace. Be Still!

    And the earth obeyed.

    Then He could go on with the journey, and do what He set out to do.

    In order to declare a thing, you must have dominion. Jesus took dominion over the elements, and the demonic presence also had to listen and obey, and be bound by His words, and then He could continue to minister to the people.

    When Adam disobeyed the word of God, in the Garden of Eden, the ground no longer yielded to him. It was no longer productive.

    If the earth can obey God, surely we can. If the sun, moon and stars do not break faith with God, but continue to do as they have been commissioned from Day 4, surely we can. I encourage you to follow God with all your heart, listen to His advice, and take it seriously. He knows you better than you do, and He desires to bless you so abundantly, that there is not room enough to contain it.

    Walking by faith means you have seen God do it before, so you know what to expect from Him -- God is that GOOD!

    Believe Him.


  • Sonja Miliacca
    Sonja Miliacca Really excellent! Keep writing! ❤️
  • Gabriele Day
    Gabriele Day Thank you Sonja. : )
  • Robin Hoser
    Robin Hoser The Valley of Dry Bones has been on me for quite a long time now.
    You know how God will keep bringing things up!
    ;...  more
  • Gabriele Day
    Gabriele Day Thank you Robin : ) I also rarely watch the news and only from a trusted Christian perspective when I do so when the Lord asks.