Dr. Simone Gold on The Truth about COVID-19 Vaccine

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    Glad to have you. Bless you.

    Thank you so much thank you okay so thank you so much for inviting me I come to you tonight with a lot of information about the experimental vaccines what's called the experimental vaccines regarding COVID-19 I think all of this information will be brand new to you I know that this was all brand new to me over the last few months even as a board certified emergency physician I did not know a lot of what I’m about to share with you and I come before you on behalf of America’s Front Line Doctors which is a volunteer physician organization that we started specifically to combat the serious and life-threatening disinformation campaign that has really taken over America and really the entire globe it's very, very scary stuff I’ve been a doctor for a long time before me my father is a doctor I’ve never seen anything like this where we have groups of physicians or scientists and government bureaucrat agencies essentially lying to the American people and people across the world I have many, many examples one of one brief example I’ll give you is that the national institute of health right now has as its policy recommendation for patients with COVID-19 stating that unless you're in the hospital requiring oxygen there's no actual treatment available for you that is a complete falsehood completely false in most of the world uh non-first world countries there's plenty of treatment easily available hydroxychloroquine ivermectin here in America if you can find a doctor to prescribe it you get those medicines or budestinide there's many options and you know this disinformation is why we came public when we started to speak out around July a little bit sooner but we got a lot of attention starting in July you know we were promptly as the pastor said de-platformed and it doesn't bother me so much I know the information it bothers me tremendously on behalf of all of humanity right this is a crime against humanity there's if there's a physician in the Netherlands who's bringing a lawsuit in the Hague it's calling it that calling is a crime against humanity there is a lot of information you haven't heard there was a senate testimony about a month ago a bunch of doctors went and testified it was I believe if Senator Johnson is the chairman you can find it on our website America’s FrontlineDoctors.com but the doctors testified that the vast majority of deaths in America would have been would have not ever happened -- not ever happened. um I start with that because when you understand you must understand the magnitude of the lie to understand what they're trying to tell you about these experimental vaccines.

    So we need to just kind of go through that for a little bit in yeah okay so I know some of you heard a little this first sentence which I said this morning but the disinformation was apparent since the beginning right we call this illness COVID-19 but its real name should be after the location from where it arose which is Wuhan China and if you remember it was called the Wuhan virus for a long you know a while I don't know a month or so before we discovered the Chinese Communist Party didn't like that name they set about putting a lot of pressure on media and other you know politicians let's say to change it and they started calling it the coronavirus they called it the coronavirus because it is actually a coronavirus but that became very confusing to doctors and scientists because there are seven coronaviruses this is just number seven so we used to use the word coronavirus sometimes on our charts when we met a common cold you know a person would come into the er in my case and they just had a common cold and I would sometimes write coronavirus on the chart as a diagnosis so it was pretty confusing for doctors and scientists to call it the coronavirus right so they had to change the name again and it became known by its acronym coronavirus disease 2019 COVID19. I have to start there because it was never a racist or weird thing to call it the Wuhan virus right there's so many diseases that are named after the location from which they rise there's Zika and Ebola there's Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Rocky Mounted Spotted Fever, Lyme disease I mean the list is endless German measles, Spanish flu this list is endless. So you need to understand that deception was there from the very beginning. So that was the first big lie. The next big lie, that the next big popular well-known line was the maligning of this common ordinary cheap safe medication called hydroxychloroquine. Those of you have traveled abroad who have taken mission trips for example or anybody in the military are quite familiar with this drug. Doctors would just give it out you know like candy I know that I was going to take a holiday to Africa about 20 years ago, and I was a medical student at the time. And they just handed me the pills here you go. I never asked any questions it was a big fat nothing burger taking hydroxychloroquine. All of a sudden we started hearing his doctors even as doctors that hydroxychloroquine is unsafe. you can't understand what's going on with the lies until you understand what an enormous lie this is. hydroxychloroquine is over the counter in much of the world okay it's taken in many African nations they call it Sunday-Sunday medicine because you take it every Sunday right that's like its name, Sunday-Sunday. people keep it in their pocket the way Americans might keep it tylenol in their purse it's it's absolutely ordinary stuff it was over the counter really in any country which had malaria or any country that had citizens that would visit malaria countries on holiday it was over the counter for example is over the counter in France. the only reason it wasn't over the counter in America is it just wasn't a consumer demand right in America we use hydroxychloroquine for two main reasons that's lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and also for malaria for people going on holiday. but generally it's lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and for those illnesses, patients regularly see physicians so they can get a prescription for it that's why it was never over the counter here. not because it was unsafe

    it's been FDA approved for 65 years. we give it to babies. we give it to children. we give it to pregnant women. we give it to nursing mothers. we give it to the elderly and we give it to the immune compromised. those last two categories take this medication for decades there's never a pretense that it's not safe that's the drug that you've been hearing about for nine months now 10 months telling you it's unsafe it's an incredible lie of incredible proportions once you understand that you will be suspicious of everything that follows so that's where I found myself there I was in the emergency department treating patients as they came in with COVID-19 and once we had the rapid test so I can confirm the diagnosis.

    my first patient who I needed to give hydroxychloroquine and zinc to I did it and even knowing the kind of the controversy I really didn't think twice about it I don't know it was fine I gave it to her I actually called her the next day she was so much better she herself got better within about 12 hours in about 48 hours she was essentially completely well this completely matched what I had read in the scientific literature I knew many doctors were done this had read many journal although it was it was completely consistent

    what was really shocking and completely inconsistent was my medical director who calls me the next day and threatens to fire me for doing this this treatment it was it was I I can't even tell you even as I describe this moment to you it's shocking to me I remember the case the situation the conversation and he's saying he's going to fire me and I said why would you fire me over this well I don't think it works I said well then don't prescribe it you know you haven't read the science the way I have I know it works you'll change your mind in a couple of months when you know you get a little wiser but why would you get involved with you know me treating a patient you do your thing I do my thing that's how medicine is practice we're licensed as individuals it's actually against the law to have what's called a corporate practice of medicine where you know corporation practice is for you it has to be the individual doctor's position that's why patients go to multiple doctors right no and and really the almost the worst part of the conversation was not even that he was ignorant that the drug worked but his reasons for saying that he was going to fire me if I did this and the reason which he put in writing because he wasn't so smart he said it was because the the biggest payer at that hospital which is a large insurance company that everyone here has heard of that's back on the west coast mainly didn't want us to prescribe it they were blocking it so that payer insurance company was pressuring the hospital that their doctor shouldn't do it it had nothing to do with even if he thought it was good or bad for the patient it all had to do with money and payment which was I honestly I still can't believe I’m relating this story it was really unbelievable so he said I could never do that again I said well good luck with that so so it kept happening it happened about four or five times and I kind of knew that my days at that particular hospital really were going to be numbered right I mean how long is this going to last so I started looking online for other physicians like myself I knew I couldn't be the only one and I found the most amazing group of doctors really just brilliant intelligent compassionate kind and and you know we got together and we called ourselves the America’s Frontline Doctors and what I felt needed to happen was we needed to break this disinformation cycle to which the Americans were all being subjected to and people across the world as well so I set up to do something called the white coat summit which was an entire day of education we brought doctors and we brought social media influencers uh young people know them as youtubers so we brought a whole bunch of youtubers and a whole bunch of doctors we brought to washington we did seven hours of education and we laid out all the facts all the facts you know very dispassionate here's the facts on hydroxychloroquine here's the facts on lockdowns here's the facts on mask here's the facts on you know schools and kids transmission here's the facts for the elderly here's the facts on um you know other treatments other than hydroxychloroquine and we did that in the middle of that day we took a break and we walked over to the supreme court and that was the video that got 20 million views it gets 20 million views not because I can sing like Beyonce but because human beings recognize truth we have something inside of us [Applause] right I I I really emphasize that point because you can't get to 20 million views nobody plans such a thing it's only if people say oh my gosh you got to listen to this you got to listen to this you recognize the truth you recognize the truth so I guess after a while big tech you know caught up with the fact that this was like breaking the internet and so within an hour all of the all of the platforms censored us simultaneously so it's essentially a monopoly so we're talking Youtube Instagram Linkedin Facebook Twitter all of us all went down immediately the president had retweeted us the president sonnen retweeted us and from that moment on everything really kind of changed I did get fired from both of my hospitals it is a scary experience to get fired especially when you've worked as long as I have to be a board certified emergency physician and that's what I do you know I’m a mom I have kids you know it's not a comfortable feeling to be fired you don't know what the future holds on the other side of this which is now several months it's really been a blessing right because we doctors have been able to come forward and speak freely and help other doctors who've been put in this situation there are several of my peers several doctors in the America’s Frontline Doctors group that have faced tremendous personal pushback there's a fellow right now in oregon who refuse to force the mask right so he won't wear and he won't force his mat his staff to wear if you want to wear it you could wear it um but the state of he was public about it so the state of oregon actually yanked his medical license and when I when he first told me this I thought I thought you know this this can't be possible because you may not know but I’m well I guess you know I’m also an attorney and it made it was impossible to conceive of an event like that happening without due process I mean the whole thing about law if anybody's been involved in the law at all it's all about process you've got to go through the process you can't just pull someone's license you have to have hearings and phone calls and papers filed and all that I really just thought oh he missed his deadlines you know there's no but it was true they actually just summarily pulled his license it's unbelievable so we're going to help him win we've already filed a lawsuit and all that so but but what I’m saying is it comes with some degree of personal costs but if you ask him he'll tell you that he's so much happier that he did this right he said this he just he felt that he couldn't bow to the tyranny so I just want to encourage anybody in their own personal life when you face that little tyranny on a daily basis you you know this is florida but you know I hail from california and you can't go anywhere without a mask except I do I go without a mask as much as I possibly can and you have to take moments like that and push up against tyranny and it's not just for you right it strengthens your sense of freedom for yourself it makes you stronger it's also to role model that strength for other people so if you feel and I say that because a lot of us who are very good-hearted people we don't really have the strength sometimes to fight on our own behalf well then tell yourself you're doing it for the other person who needs to see you without the mask so they can feel empowered so I want to run through some information and the the goal is to teach you about what's coming in terms of these experimental vaccines and I’m going to start with a few minutes maybe five minutes on just kind of reviewing the lies about what's going on with covert generally and then we'll turn to that and sit tight because it's a lot a lot of interesting stuff first when I first started this I really just wanted to help patients you know I was I couldn't believe that patients were being denied this this drug and I could sense that we were not going to be able to fix this from a government kind of policy position because the doctors themselves had drunk the kool-aid and not been willing to prescribe this drug and I tried very hard to get the policy changed so that hydroxychloroquine could become over the counter in our country just like it is in much of the world that would have been the best solution for everybody because it would have taken the decision-making out of the hands of the government you could have decided for yourself if you needed this medicine and the advantage of having that pill in your possession meant that the majority of people would have stopped living in fear so that was the best solution but we were unsuccessful in getting that so I did the next best thing America’s Frontline Doctors not I just a group of us and we made getting hydroxychloroquine available um for the entire nation by going to our website then you can consult with a telemedicine doctor and whether you have covert you don't have covert you're just worried about getting covered you can get yourself a prescription and they mail it to you that was the first thing we did and I felt so strongly about it just because that's that's a practical way they can try to lift the fear but I learned pretty early that the big fight was the fear the big fight wasn't the virus it was the fear that was my response to the fear was was to give people a practical solution now the fear has led to people they really just want to go back to normal lives so they're either kind of consumed with fear or consumed with just being weary of the whole situation that is what I think is leading to people making what is really a fundamentally irrational decision to rush headlong towards an experimental medication they just kind of want to get their lives back right we've been told oh get the vaccine you'll get your life back I have to give you the bad news that is definitely not what's going to happen whether you take a shot you don't take a shot it's not going to happen you know Dr Fauci has gone public already with saying and as many others the surgeon general many others have said it was in business journal just today business insider I think just today you know this this so-called vaccine, experimental biological agent actually doesn't stop transmission you're going to have to keep going with the mass and the social distancing it actually changes nothing once you hear that you really have to question why you would put yourself in that situation so that's the starting point let's talk about some enduring COVID-19 myths first of all I’m probably gonna I’m glad that you know I can't be de-platformed here but let's just talk basics about the numbers okay what is the chance that you'll survive COVID if you should get it okay so this is a very educated audience so if you're under age 20 according to the CDC which is not known for its honesty the survival rate is 99.997% why are we talking about anything in that group there's nothing to talk about for ages 20 to 49 the survival rate is 99.98, 50 to 69 their survival rate is 99.5. I always kind of pause there because a lot of people in their 50s they start to get worried and they think oh my gosh I’m in such a high risk group it's not really that true right this is with no treatment your survival is 99.5 and if you're over 70 the survival rate approaches 95 really with no treatment now the dirty little secret it's even better than that right if you take early treatment this is essentially a either asymptomatic or very mildly symptomatic or completely recoverable the people who die from COVID-19 are people who are kind of destined to die in this period anyway my thought which is which is tragic but as people of faith you understand that debt life and death go hand in hand so my father had an expression it was that pneumonia is an old man's best friend and that means that pneumonia is often the way we exit this world so if you are at kind of the end point of your life COVID-19 can take you out that's a fact so can a common cold I’ve seen it I once had a patient in the icu who died essentially from a nosebleed it kind of escalated breath so anything can take you out if you're frail and kobe 19 is in that category overwhelmingly the deaths of COVID-19 are in nursing home patients and I have to mention that because if there was truly uh the intent to quote unquote save lives people would not have thrown away our frail elderly the politicians that are telling you to do this thing over here had no problem throwing away the lives of the very frail elderly over here I don't know how many if anybody in this room was watching the chronovirus task force meetings as closely as I was but I was watching them every day that I wasn't at work and I remember watching governor cuomo and he was saying that he had to protect the elderly had to protect the elderly had to protect elderly I thought that was great I thought that was great and then one day literally out of the blue because I was watching it every day he made this rule that patients from nursing homes who went to the hospital with COVID-19 but were survived and were ready to be discharged from the hospital could be sent back to their nursing home and the nursing home was not allowed to ask if they were covered positive or covered negative in other words they could completely intermingle with the other patients now to remind you that big navy ship that was stationed off of new york city and the jacob javits center were virtually empty now what's amazing about that as an emergency physician I know all the time we have bed problems don't have a bed here you don't have a bed there but it was a complete lie to say that there was no room for these patients or they would lose their beds in the nursing homes there was thousands and thousands of empty beds between jacob javits and the navy ship and I remember watching this and thinking that is unbelievable he's like a he's like an executioner it was incredible so I wouldn't believe anything that somebody like that has said it's tragic it was really tragic it you know he'll have to answer he'll have to answer yeah yeah so I start with all of that because you have to understand that the magnitude of the lies is just so enormous are you all should I take them are you all familiar with the lancet the controversy with that oh this is a good one okay all right so I digress here but it's too good to leave out so um the lancet is probably the world's most famous medical journal all right new england journal medicine is probably second most famous drama third most famous so sometime around april I think the lance had published this study that concluded that hydroxychloroquine wasn't safe this threw the world into a tizzy based on this article the who stopped hydroxychloroquine trials across the world the European Union stopped allowing hydroxychloroquine that was the reason that the headlines trash the president is calling it snake oil they had the cover of the lancet saying it was bad now the lancet study that said it was bad had like 90,000 people in it and it was took place on five continents and it just didn't really make sense there was a group of independent doctors who looked at this data and said there's no way you have 90,000 patients enrolled in a trial across five continents and nobody ever heard of this thing it was just it was incredible so these independent doctors got together and they kind of forced it and they forced the issue and the lancet ended up retracting the study which is once in a generation or once in a lifetime sort of event you can't be published in the lancet by accident there's many many layers to it it just simply can't happen it was complete fraud that was published but the damage was done because all across the world hydroxychloroquine trials have been halted and it was very badly maligned that's where we're coming from why do we know we know that that was fraud they've admitted they were fraud if you go right now to the internet you can type in the lance's study on hydroxychloroquine and it'll pop up retracted okay now why do I say so that was that was like level number one of the corruption where the scientists themselves were being corrupted level number two though was the media the media lying how do we know they're lying and not just misinformed or ill-informed themselves well because when it was retracted they buried the story of it's being retracted you have to really struggle to find that information that's very dishonest and then there's corruption really at the state level at the federal level but we'll save that for another day so let's talk about these what I call I think it's most properly called experimental biological agents you might hear me use that phrase definitely you should not be calling this the COVID-19 vaccines the reason is whatever you call it it's experimental it's not been approved as a vaccine it's currently in its investigational stage it's been approved by uh the I don't want to speak which at the FDA I assume is the one who would prove it but it's in an investigational stage only Astrazeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson that's very important legally if you were to be injured by something and it's an experimental stage it's adjudicated under particular standard so what what is what are the potential problems with this experimental biological agent the first most obvious is that this is brand new technology the first two that are coming to market use something called mRNA technology which has never ever been used before for vaccines this is when when you hear a lot of the more kind of concerning and flamboyant issues it's because people are very worried that this is brand new mRNA technology I don't really go down that path but what I can say is I don't really want to be the first person to take brand new things when it comes to medicine right you don't have to be a genius to say that so that's problem number one problem number two is there's been a tremendous failure of previous coronavirus vaccines this is not well known but there are multiple coronavirus viruses out there for example in 2002 there was an epidemic a much smaller one but an epidemic of stars cove one what we're in right now is stars cove two stars cove one and stars cove two by the way you may have heard it called the novel coronavirus are what we're in right now I never understood that because this coronavirus is 78 identical to stars cove one that's in fact that's why it has the name stars co2 they're 78 the same so prior coronavirus vaccine attempts have been made they have failed they can't do it safely in human beings and I’m going to talk more about that later but just note that we've not been able to successfully overcome the human bodily hurdles that making a vaccine against a coronavirus has put up number three there's no independently published animal studies one of the companies says they do have animal studies but they haven't published any data on it there's been a complete rush to put this to market and you simply cannot do this safely without published data on animal studies because animals often will die at the end and unless we know that we don't know if it's safe to give to humans okay problem number four is known complications one of the most commonly known complications of vaccines is something called big science words coming up guys antibody dependent enhancement it's also sometimes called immune enhancement and it's sometimes called pathogenic priming what this is is instead of really causing immunity it causes a person to overreact in a negative way if they should ultimately be exposed to the virus this thing called antibody dependent enhancement or pathogenic priming although you haven't heard of it is well known to scientists I like to say it has its own wikipedia page this is not fringe this exists and this is real the biggest problem with antibody dependent enhancement we see this with prior coronavirus vaccines so when they were doing the studies with SARS COVID 1 vaccine back in 2005 they came up with a vaccine and they gave it to the ferrets and it was two dosed like the ones today and the ferrets did fine after the first dose they did fine after the second dose later they exposed them to the coronavirus source COVID 1 in the wild and the ferrets died that's why SARS COVID 1 vaccine never came to market.

    antibody dependent enhancement you can find all the information I’m discussing on America’s frontlinedoctors.com vaccine information also I’ll get to the end at the stopmedicaldiscrimination.org site it has it there as well everything is well footnoted and referenced so known complications include antibody dependent enhancement and also some of the things you've seen in the news like neurologic problems like transverse myelitis, bell's palsy, Guillain-Barre etc those are known complications with vaccines that already exist there's also a lot of issues with unknown vaccinations

    I think what's going wrong on the other side is there's a complete lack of respect for what you don't know. we don't know what we don't know until you discover it. I mean these are the things parents teach their children: they don't know enough right.

    so what are the potential unknowns well something that I learned this year actually in the last few months which I was shocked because I never saw this anywhere in the newspaper and I’d like a show of hands from anybody here who's heard of this before by mentioning it has anybody here heard of potential fertility problems with this vaccine

    that's amazing you guys congratulations I did not know this myself until about maybe two months ago so I had to look into it and by the way the America’s Frontline Doctors put together 10 doctors working for more than a month to put together all this research so there's a question if this vaccine a biological agent I should say affects this thing called the cincitio trophoblast which is a layer on the placenta now it does seem to do that when you're sick with COVID-19. the problem is that these mRNA vaccines kind of mimic having COVID-19 indefinitely so while COVID-19 could be bad for the placenta and the baby if you get it like in the middle of the pregnancy. eventually COVID-19 goes away and you go about your life and then you're good there's a question if this type of experimental agent does that same negative effect to this incitio trophoblast layer of the placenta and it would do it indefinitely

    this is not a conspiracy as a scientist I’m telling you we don't know we don't know scientists better than me right there's the two guys in Europe that were ex Phizer executives that complained about this and filed a petition with the European equivalent of the FDA saying you've got to not approve this as an emergency experimental vaccine because we haven't answered the question on the antibody dependent enhancement and we haven't answered the question on the placenta it hasn't been answered that it's dangerous to release this and you have to put that together with what is the risk of even having this problem certainly in younger women right women under 50 the survival we said per the CDC is 99.98. for that reason America’s Frontline Doctors feels very strongly that you cannot even offer this to women of childbearing age so we'll get to our official recommendations at the end but I put we put that information under the category of what we don't know we simply don't know we don't know what the effect is permanently on the placenta

    Another fact that is very concerning is that pharmaceuticals who manufacture these experimental biological agents are immune from all liability so you probably (this group probably knows that) but I’m not saying that they have a negative motive. I think mostly they have a profit motive I’m not saying they're trying to hurt people or kill people what I am saying is that if you know that you could be sued and pay out millions of dollars every single time something goes wrong you're really, really careful okay you're a little less careful if you know you're going to be shielded from that liability and they're completely shielded

    so people ask me you know am I going to take the vaccine would I recommend my children take the vaccine and I said it's really irrational to take a brand new untested untried technology from a company that's completely shielded from immunity when on the other hand I’ve got a drug that's 65 years old has been given billions of times completely safe for all age groups right [Applause] now those are the safety concerns with this experimental biological agent what are the concerns regarding the effectiveness now what's super shocking is that there's no proof that this biological agent actually stops the transmission amongst people I mean it's like it's like a joke right this is like a joke it's like the punch line to a joke let's take a vaccine by the way it doesn't actually stop transmission I mean I don't even know what to say to that like I discovered that quite recently I just I couldn't believe it and that's by the way that's not in dispute now that I’m telling you that the surgeon general gave an interview uh 20 days ago last two two weeks and six days ago on a Monday to Good Morning America stating that and it's been well documented now does not does not know if it stops transmission um I think what's going to happen you know it's kind of putting people into sort of an asymptomatic carrier kind of state in other words people are turning positive you might have started to see some news stories now people taking the vaccine and now they're testing positive for COVID19. it's kind of funny like we don't are they going to test positive forever like what does that mean you know they've been selling us this bill of goods that there's this asymptomatic transmission and that seems to be moot but if you're going to have you know tens or hundreds of millions running around just kind of positive low level like what does that mean like why are we doing that another problem with doing that is I think they're going to gain the numbers right all these people let's say you give this vaccine to 100 million people and now all 100 million people have quote unquote testing positive for COVID19. they're going to tell us that the cases have risen and you know we can never relax yeah it's it's unbelievable it's unbelievable um there's been no proof that this is actually reducing mortality certainly from the levels of non-lethality that we're seeing it would be hard to demonstrate that there's any real advantage right the the odds of dying from this illness are already incredibly low the third question about its effectiveness we simply don't know even if it was effective and not dangerous we don't know how long it lasts in other words are you going to be asked to take this vaccine once in a lifetime are you going to be asked to take this vaccine yearly like influenza we don't know those questions are not answered so I want to also I keep referencing the fact that we need to call this by its proper name never talk about this without the word experimental that's critical one of the problems that we doctors are concerned about this antibody dependent enhancement potential which we again I’m not saying it exists or it doesn't exist I’m saying it hasn't been answered is if you're going to run around and give this vaccine to a whole bunch of healthy people you have to be really really sure taking a vaccine is very different than taking a drug for a disease if you have a disease you're certainly willing to take on more risk right to get rid of the disease but vaccines are typically given to healthy people now what's going to happen if you give this vaccine to 100 million people that are otherwise healthy and they do have this antibody dependent enhancement reaction because we haven't ruled it out they do get exposed to the virus in the wild and 30 of them drop and what if for example you've given that vaccine to all of your health care workers and you've given that vaccine to all of your military and all of your police officers I find this shocking as a public policy matter that we would even consider giving this giving anything to our healthy first responders and and frontline people who defend our country it's it's it's so shocking and it's in its risk it I I you see me I’m struggling for the words it's so shocking to accept that kind of risk and again I want to be not misquoted I’m not saying this is definitely going to happen but I’m saying based on prior stars prior SARS COVID vaccine prior stars coronavirus vaccines there is a definite concern for antibody dependent enhancement this particular virus has very low lethality should you give it to healthy people not knowing the answer to that question is far too risky in my opinion from a national security perspective [Applause] you know the more you dig into the stuff the more upsetting it gets

    so I gave this talk only once before about two weeks ago and I approached the black community I’d like to just talk straight and openly I was well aware as a physician that African Americans and other black and brown minority persons had a natural antipathy towards vaccines and I wanted to give them science behind it so I ended up digging deeply into that issue so let me share some things that I knew some of these things but I did not know most of these things prior to this year many of you in the room I’m sure have heard of the Tuskegee experiments we all know that okay but there's a lot more than that I was I was curious as to why the antipathy was so strong so let me give you some examples of where vaccines have gone wrong for black and brown people so with the Rubella vaccine race and ethnicity were shown to affect the antibody responses like at a higher level than compared to Europeans with the measles virus I think many people in this room they also had that same experience with pertussis was also the same with the in wheat they also had the same problem with the measles haemophilus influenza also had the same difference in their response and the hepatitis vaccine also had a similar different response amongst races specifically white boys were 64 less likely to have autism diagnosis relative to non-white boys when they give a hepatitis vaccine to babies

    now literally as a physician I did not know this right here we have examples well documented in the scientific literature of six different vaccines that were affecting people differently based on their races now why is this important because when you read the language that the government is putting out about how to prioritize the vaccine the experimental biological agent they are making an overt and covert attempt to push this heavily on blacks and browns

    I’m going to give you some specific language because it is just shocking just bear with me one moment all right okay the CDC is telling the public at large that getting an experimental vaccine is a good thing but it's additionally telling black people getting the vaccine is racial justice and it's an advantage now this is from the center for healthsecurity.org interim framework for COVID-19 vaccine allocation and distribution in the US this is the government's words is that getting the vaccine early is social justice racial justice and I just have to say as a scientist I found it bizarre that we're talking about racial justice either something works scientifically or it doesn't there might be racial differences in terms of dosages we've seen that now in the prior six but how is it racial justice to sign up first for an experimental biological agent that we don't know you know in the same in this I believe is the same document yes in the exact same document they say the ultimate safety of an approved vaccine is not knowable until it has been administered to millions of people it is possible that certain adverse effects may occur more frequently in certain population subgroups which may not be apparent until millions are vaccinated pharmacovigilance track and trace systems will provide critical information that will inform adjustments to the to the allocation that literally is in the same document as let's give it to black folks first I you know you can't even make this stuff up so um they also said that so it was our words the most disenfranchised members of society are to be vaccinated first there was quote racial and ethnic minorities tribal incarcerated rural disabilities underinsured people who work in school settings and nurses and we must prioritize blacks and Latinos to reflect fairness and justice now I I just find this so incredibly offensive we know exactly who falls from COVID-19. it's nursing home patients it's people with 2.6 comorbidities per person is average people over 75 are living in nursing homes this is who should get the vaccine first if you believe the vaccine is safe and effective that's it

    and I feel very offended on this because you know the people who they're going to target first honestly are my friends which are all the black nurses that I work with in the ERs because I’ve spent my whole career in the inner city and so they're all being told you got to line up you got to take this and I’m thinking to myself well you're about 45 years old 50 years old you know you're in good health you're working every day why should you be prioritized there's no actual increased risk to the healthcare worker the the risk we know who it is it's the 80 year old woman who's living in a nursing home a man who's living in a nursing home he's got bad heart bad lungs you know diabetes especially obesity is a big deal those people are high risk okay

    it's not your 45 year old nurse it's not your 35 year old cop okay and any other discussion I find very disingenuous now in case you didn't you know believe that you went further into these documents and you find the language that like they talk about targeting the black community by understanding their their quote-unquote vaccine hesitancy based on these prior issues with prior vaccines and Tuskegee but they have like actual policies they say this is from hhs.gov strategy for distributing COVID-19 vaccine they say we have to focus on targeting key populations and communities to ensure maximum vaccine acceptance and they talk about and they quote the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation about how to manipulate the media and silence opposition to it and then they put very you know famous handsome you know celebrities saying they're going to take the vaccine Obama being one of them and it's very clear it's just very very clear what's going on so I say to you as a scientist do you want to be first if you want to be first to volunteer yourself for track and trace system enrolling yourself into a medical trial I don't think I explained that clearly let me back up for one second you if you take the vaccine you're being enrolled in a pharmacovigilance tracking system it means you've enrolled yourself in a medical trial which is fine if you want to be a good-hearted individual very altruistic and you want to enroll yourself into a medical trial fantastic

    I can tell you as a physician very few people do that okay but if you want to do that that's fine but most people are not aware that that's what they're doing this pharmacovigilance tracking system tracks you for two years it's set up by the department of defense it was handed off to oracle and google to put the data together how is it that people want to sign up for this system on an experimental and how is giving it to black people fair racial justice I don't know maybe someone smarter than me can figure that out um I also it also put in once I started reading these documents about about what I thought was just pure racism in these documents it kind of made it clearer to me why we were hearing so much about racial issues with COVID-19. in my experience as an er doctor I didn't see any real racial issues at all we saw white people Latino people and black people got it basically if you were old and frail and you got it you know you're sick but I never really saw a racial difference and that's not true there are other things obviously that have racial differences so I remember thinking this is weird you know AOC would get forward and say oh arena's really bad against black people this is terrible and it's discrimination all that here's what I want to say to that it's true that in there are many areas where black people were disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

    So an example I like to use was in New Orleans, Louisiana where blacks made up 31 of the population but they made up 70 of the people admitted to the hospital with cover 19. so on the left they were saying this was because of racism but when you look at the data there does not yet appear and I think never will appear to be an independent race to be an independent risk factor right we know what makes people really sick it's diabetes and obesity primarily and then you know other serious medical problems now also living in a very crowded area working in a very crowded area the reason I don't think this is ever going to be shown to be a race problem race problem is things that you just know by common sense one is it's been all over the world all races okay

    we can just start with that second is in areas of the world where people are have those high individual risk factors like diabetes or obesity and other illnesses and the group risk factors such as living and working in thaI quartersit's not black people that get it at a worse rate it's those people in those situations so in Louisiana it was black people but in the UK it was Middle Eastern and East Asian now there's the people living in those crowded dense areas that have diabetes those are the people it didn't matter what the race was it just mattered if you if you had those individual group risk factors and of course the irony of saying that this is really a racial problem is looking at the continent of Africa for those of you who don't know it the one continent that's been spared is Africa except south Africa but the rest of Africa is you know the death rates you know in Africa extraordinarily low for those of you who don't know this or haven't followed me yet on twitter at America’s Frontline Doctors there's a lot of videos

    one of my favorite is a talk we gave on Sub-Saharan Africa because people just don't know this so in America the death rates are in the like 800 range per million

    in India the death rates around if I might be slightly off on the numbers around 70 per million right so it's 10% because they have a very liberal hydroxychloroquine policy in Africa Sub-Saharan Africa the poorest places in the world no social distancing no masks no ICUs they have a death rate of 1% of the western nations 1% 1% right now I believe it's due to widely available hydroxychloroquine I don't think you can explain it for any other reason but even if there's another reason you certainly can't say that this affects black people worse [Applause]

    so I I would just not be signing up for this immediately I would you know if I was a mom and I or I you know again I think of my friends the nurses if I was a nurse and I was a mom I’d be like you know what I’ll just wait let me just wait a little bit let's just see so we doctors you know when we got together about this we decided to um really come out and say what we thought our opinion was and a lot of people have told us not to do that but we felt it was really important you have you have the CDC the NIH and the FDA all not helping you

    So we came up with our recommendations about the vaccine and they're pretty strong. ultimately America’s Frontline Doctors stands as follows.

    If you're under age 20 the experimental vaccine is prohibited in our opinion absolutely prohibited. we simply don't know enough about the effects on fertility and we do know this virus essentially does not affect young people.

    Essentially irrelevant from age 20 to 50 if you're healthy we strongly discourage. there was a little debate in our group if we would come down and strongly discourage in this group or prohibited. I fell in the prohibited category but the majority of us said to strongly discourage for age 20 to 50. we strongly discourage the vaccine in age 20 to 50 because there's an exceedingly low risk of death from COVID there's unknown risk from the experimental vaccine of causing autoimmune disease there's unknown risk of this pathogenic priming antibody dependent enhancement and there is an unknown risk of infra lifelong infertility so age 20 to 50 we think it is strongly discouraged

    From age 50 to 70 if you're healthy we also say it's strongly discouraged for the same reasons there's a very low risk from COVID-19 there's an unknown risk of autoimmune disease unknown risk of pathogenic priming unknown effect on the placenta from age 50 to 70. and you are do have serious comorbid conditions we say it is discouraged we say that because we feel the experimental vaccine is higher risk than early or prophylactic treatment with long established medications such as hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin

    From age 70 and above if you're healthy we tell people it's just your own personal risk assessment we believe an experimental vaccine is less ideal than old established medicines but we say leave it up to the person over age 70 with serious comorbid conditions such as nursing homes we also call it to personal risk assessment we again stand with hydroxychloroquine & ivermectin being safer in this population but we don't think it's irrational to take it if you're over 70 living in a nursing home.

    We don't think that that's irrational we're not trying to say all vaccines are unsafe in all circumstances we don't believe anybody at any age should be pressured and we are concerned about persons over 70 who don't have advocates being pressured into this we already know actually in many cases like that but we also don't want people to be overly worried that we're saying it's definitely unsafe we're not saying it's definitely unsafe we're saying we don't know and at least if you're over 70 with several medical conditions you do have some dece you know you have some risk of dying from this thing so it's not fundamentally irrational to take it if you should decide to take it

    But certainly under age 50 we fall at you know strongly discouraged I myself would I tell everybody I would never let a woman of child bearing age take this this I would never I would fight tooth and nail under no circumstances until this placenta question is answered I always like to leave people with a bit of a call to action

    we intend from America’s Frontline Doctors to fight the urge that's sweeping the globe to mandate people taking an experimental biological agent this is a big fight we have in our hands it's not really the government first that we're concerned about we're very concerned about private businesses mandating this employers schools and travel airlines in particular you can imagine if all the airlines got together the CEOs and said you know what we're just going to mandate this and all the six biggest ones got together and said that it's just like the masks right you can't avoid their mandates this is a very big problem so America’s Frontline Doctors is tackling this we intend to talk to the decision makers in the airline industry one of our tools in that battle will be to go armed with at least at least one million signatures of human beings who are going to say no we are not going to do business with anybody and we are not going to comply with anyone who's going to mandate this everyone whether you want to take the vaccine you want your mom to take the vaccine that's your choice but I think everyone hearing this can agree we don't need the CEOs the big companies forcing experimental biological agents on anyone what I need you to see now though before we get to that point is that we are going to be at their mercy if we don't get ahead of them we must get ahead of that bad decision that they seem headed towards making Qantas Airlines has already said that they're going to do this we need to go to these airlines we have a plan but part of that plan is at least a million signatures you must go to stopmedicaldiscrimination.org and sign the petition you also must share that petition with everyone do not be shy okay this is your life are you going to be able to travel and it's not just your personal can I travel for fun but can you advocate can you go to Washington DC and advocate if you can't get on a plane all right this is really important stop medicaldiscrimination.org it is your obligation I’ve done my part my doctors have done their part you must do your part people come up to me all the time what can I do this is such a small thing not only do you sign it you each of you should take it on yourself to say I’m gonna make sure I get a thousand signatures because I’m gonna send you to this Facebook group and that Facebook group and this twitter everyone everyone everywhere must stopmedicaldiscrimination.org critical critical

    if you are part of a union you should be bringing this to the union as a humanitarian or human rights issue your union should advocate for you now this may sound strange to people because they think the union's on the other side and maybe they are but the union hasn't even heard the facts if you're part of a union you should stand up and say I don't want this forced on me if you know a pilots union, teachers union, nurses union very important phrase this as a human rights issue this is not anti-vaccination

    I’m always reminded please tell people where I stand on vaccine issue I personally have been vaccinated for everything I personally might make sure my kids have been vaccinated for everything this is a human rights issue that we cannot mandate human beings take experimental agents and the and the third and the third call to action is always use the word experiment when you talk about this always the socialists win the war on win the language wars right they change language remember I said to you this was the Wuhan virus then it became the coronavirus then it became COVID-19. this is a battle for words the the word to remember is not vaccine the word remember is experimental every conversation you have with people is experimental now if you need backup for everything I’ve said all of this is on our website America’s frontlinedoctors.com says big letter vaccine information it's also on stop medicaldiscrimination.org you've got a 35-page paper with 70 references everything is clean and clear so you don't have to know all this yourself it's all there for you so the call to action stopmedicaldiscrimination.org sign it share it go to your unions and third experimental teach everyone this is experimental if you do podcast if you talk to people if you know any any outlet you have


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