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  • "The Way of Life Winds Upward for The Wise"

    "The Way of Life Winds Upward for The Wise" ~~ There's lots of vines growing out there! John 15:1-8 is a great reminder to check which Vine we're plugged into so we can continue to bear fruit for the kingdom of God.   ...
  • Inspiration ~~ "It's Cool To Be Kind!"

    An act of kindness affects a person’s heart and spirit in more ways than we can ever imagine. Please plan to take the 30-day challenge with me, especially during an election year.  
  • Prophetic Dream ~ "Norm, Debbie, & The Dinner"

    Prophetic Dream ~ "Norm, Debbie, & The Dinner" May we remain strong in our Lord Jesus with no fear as we go about our daily lives seeking God knowing full well that He is our source, sustenance, and everything else we need when we need it.
  • T. F. T. ~ Today For Tomorrow

    "T. F. T. ~ Today For Tomorrow"  With hearts of gratitude and our spirits full of faith, we can thank God as He prepares us today for what will happen tomorrow.  
  • An Adjustment To Your Spiritual Wedding Garment

    Fabric symbolizes the story of our lives. Would yours look a bit frayed at the moment as a result of recent challenges and tribulations? No worries as there's an adjustment to your spiritual wedding garment taking place in the heavenly realm.
  • A Key Over Tennessee

    Watch for Tennessee to be instrumental in bringing divine order and redemption along with requiring accountability and responsibility. The consecrated ones hold the copper key.    
  • "Soak, Seek, & Serve"

    Fellow saints, as you purpose in your heart to set aside time to soak and seek, God is going to impart to some of you a new release of creativity in the area of art, books, metalwork, woodwork, and songs. Also, He will reveal your new service assignment in His kingdom.  https://sheil...
  • "NJD - Don't Quit!"

    "NJD - Don't Quit!"  In my weekly prophetic blog post, I share about a dream and vision I received reminding us to run the race set before us and to not quit. Be encouraged in our Lord and in the power of His might. He is the blessed controller of ALL things. &n...
  • "No Early Retirement"

    "No Early Retirement" ~~  On February 12, 2022, at 11:22 p.m., “Occupy Till I Come” was deposited into my spirit. This serves as a good reminder to keep a sharp eye on our spiritual portfolio and keep the kingdom of God front and center in our lives. https://sheilaeismann...
  • Double Bloom ~~ Double Portion

    "Double Bloom ~~ Double Portion" -- This is the year to ask God for a double portion of His Holy Spirit to rest upon you, manifest in you, and speak through you. Let's plan to celebrate new beginnings in the month of Adar with double blooms, double portions, and double scriptures!  https:...
  • "Sign In The Sky"

    "Sign In The Sky" ~~ If you look carefully at this image, you can see what resembles a heavenly portal in the middle of the photo. My weekly prophetic blog post features ways in which God continues to speak with supernatural signs and visitations.
  • "Prophetic Dream - The Book Cover"

    "Prophetic Dream - The Book Cover" ~~ Yes, you can definitely judge a book by its cover! As you read and study this blog post, this is a very easy dream to decode.    
  • "The Year of The Rainbow"

    "The Year of God's Rainbow" ~~ This is the year to stand on God's promises and renew our covenant with Him. Watch for rainbows and double ones!        
  • "The One Who Is With Us"

    "The One Who Is With Us" ~~~ Jesus's Apostles continued with Him in His trials. (Luke 22:28-30) Likewise, He will continue to be with us in our trials. May we look forward to dining with our Bridegroom at The Wedding Supper of the Lamb. &...
  • "Our Sustenance Word"

    "Our Sustenance Word" ~~ Jesus, full of The Holy Spirit without measure, relied upon one of His sustenance words in Matthew 4:4.  Our sustenance word will help to preserve, sustain, and revive us during 2022. Be encouraged in the Lord and His word.
  • "2022 - The Year of Light"

    "2022 - The Year of Light" ~~ As darkness increases, it’s definitely time for the year of light to shine brighter than ever before. 'Tis a brand new day, so let’s celebrate God and all of His goodness to us! He’s calling us to remain steadfast with optimism in Him. https://sh...
  • "Christmas Joy"

    "Christmas Joy" ~~ Sometimes the best gifts come from a far land. Spread Christmas Joy and share the good news of Jesus everywhere you go!  
  • "Prophetic Dream - The P.H.S. & The $325"

    Here's a recent prophetic dream that I received  ~ "The P.H.S. & The $325" May any economic challenge only increase our faith in Jesus our Lord and His promise to never leave us nor forsake us.  (Hebrews 13:5)  
  • "Joyful"

    "Joyful" ~~ In the midst of life's many ongoing challenges and losses, remaining joyful depends not upon our circumstances, but our relationship with Jesus Christ.  
  • "A Christmas Blessing"

    "A Christmas Blessing" ~~ Jesus's Hands and Feet in Action Exercising Your Spiritual Inheritance        
  • "Your Spiritual Light Assignment"

    "Your Spiritual Light Assignment" ~~ This is a unique prophetic word for the month of December. Discern your particular assignment, and let your light shine!  
  • Thanksgiving Traditions

    "Thanksgiving Traditions" - Wishing all of you a blessed Thanksgiving.  All of us have so much for which to be thankful.  
  • The Mosaic of Your Life

    May we celebrate that we are God's workmanship!  My blog post for this week is titled, "The Mosaic of Your Life."  
  • The Multitude of His Mercies

    I'm so thankful for God's mercies because they never end and are new every morning. (Lamentations 3:22-23)    
  • God's Paintbrush

    Enjoy this glorious sunrise from our Creator!  
  • The Wheat, The Harvest, & The Mold

    This week's prophetic blog post encourages us to look for our new fields, new assignments, and new beginnings!  
  • Geese & Godwinks

    Be encouraged in God's special messages sent special delivery just to you via His Godwinks!  
  • Supernatural Sights & Sounds

    Supernatural Sights & Sounds ~~ God speaks to us in many ways including signs in the heavens.  As you read through this week's blog post, note how each of the cloud formations speak to you, especially the one that looks like a Holy Spirit dove.  Enjoy.
  • Light, Grace & The Yellow Roses

    Light, Grace, & The Yellow Roses ~~ God surprises us with serendipitous moments when we least expect them!  
  • 4 Keys To Open 4 Doors

    These keys bear your name ~~ 4 Keys To Open 4 Doors which will help to strengthen and restore relationships.  
  • Your Rest Will Be Your Reset

    In the disciples' rest was their reset to go back into the highways and byways to advance the kingdom of God among them.  May this week's prophetic blog encourage you, especially if you are weary.  
  • The Woman and The Candle

    May we purpose to be the light inside our house and family during the Hebrew year 5782.        
  • Like A Tree Planted By The Waters

    Stay encouraged because even in the midst of a drought, we can still thrive and bear fruit!  
  • The New, Big Bend In The River Of Your Life

    There's a big change coming in the flow of the river of your life this summer which includes the Millennial generation, the cloud of witnesses and the souls of men.  Here's the link to read all about it!  
  • Growing In Hope - Petal # 4

    Patience is sort of like a supernatural boundary line in our lives that keeps us in line with hope. If we stray outside the boundary lines, we may lose patience which causes us to lose hope.  
  • Growing In Hope - Petal # 3

    As we continue to grow in hope, exercising gratitude and thanksgiving help to cultivate the soil of our hearts.  "Be thankful to Him, and bless His name." (Psalm 100:4)  
  • One Of The Keys To Growing In Hope

    In part 2 of my "Growing In Hope Series," I delve into one of the major keys of maintaining hope. My prayer is that you will be encouraged as you read and study it. Here's the link:
  • Growing In Hope - Petal # 1

    Look for the good as you gaze upon the lovely, yellow, eternal flower featured in my blog post this week. Happy Reading!
  • Our Sphere of Authority

    There's so much value and wisdom in knowing our spiritual assignments and staying within our sphere of authority. I address these issues in this week's blog post.    
  • Ride & Decree Victory!

    Pentecost delivered an invitation to take a victorious ride with The Holy Spirit.  Up, up, and away with Him! Here's the link for this week's blog post:  
  • Double Divine Justice ~ The Blindfolds Are Suddenly Removed!

    Highlights of this week's blog post include healing for both spiritual and physical vision issues. Here's the link for a word of encouragement as you read all about it!  http    
  • Knitting Together God's Plans

    Prayer changes everything, but most importantly, it transforms us! In this week's blog post, I share a prophetic vision pertaining to prayer assignments and the 7 mountains of society, culture and influence.  
  • An Erruption of Miracles

    People get ready  ~~  Here comes an erruption of miracles!   Have a blessed weekend!
  • The Woman, The Wishing Well, & 1932

    Here's an encouraging word regarding The Parable of The Talents. Have a Triumphant Tuesday in Jesus our Lord!
  • Prophetic Dream - Preferrential Treatment

    Such precious fraternal twins!  I was given some keen insight regarding this subject in a recent prophetic dream. Have a blessed Wednesday in Jesus our Lord. 
  • Going Your Own Way

    This week's blog post has a double emphasis with a prophetic vision and a prophetic dream emphasizing the dangers of distractions and reminding us that choices have consequences.   Have a blessed Friday in Jesus our Lord! &n...
  • Where Is Your Car Parked?

    As I've been seeking the Lord this past week, here's the prophetic vision I received: "Where Is Your Car Parked?" Blessings to all of you.