COMMUNION for FOOD and other addictions by Katie Souza

  • March 24, 2021

    I was praying about my own struggle with food addiction last night and the Lord showed me and the name Katie Souza came to mind. I attended a conference in Clearwater, Florida and met Katie in person several years ago. So I looked up Katie Souza food addiction and found this on the internet:

    GOD TV September 1, 2018

    Struggling with Overeating? Here’s How you can break Free from Food Addictions.

    Katie Souza of Unexpected End Ministries believes she has the cure to food addictions and it’s a surprisingly simple step everyone can take. Katie believes that taking Communion can make a huge difference in one’s fight against overeating or any addiction for that matter.

    “If you are addicted to food and you want to break free from addictions, take a cup of communion,” says Katie. “You know, for my whole life I was addicted to food. I was always thinking about food, obsessed with it. Finally, God showed me a very simple, but powerful key to breaking a food addiction. That is taking communion.”

    Idol Feasts and the Lord’s Supper

    “Therefore, my dear friends, flee from idolatry…  You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons.” (1 Corinthians 10:14-21).

    Katie points out that when we begin to eat in an unbalanced way, it can easily become idolatry which opens us up to evil spirits. So sometimes our food addictions can be demonically based and we have to break away from this. How? By restoring right fellowship with the Body and Blood of Jesus.

    “If you are addicted to food and you want to break free from addictions, take communion and pray this prayer right now,” Katie advises:

    “Lord, as I take the Body and the Blood I know I am fellowshipping with the Body of Christ and His sacred blood poured out for me. As I do that, it is going to break every fellowship that I have with diabolical spirits when I have been eating at their feast. I decree that the Body and the Blood of Jesus are so powerful that it will wipe out every fellowship I have with them. It will break my food addictions. I decree this for myself in Jesus’ Name.”

    Cinda Abbey:

    When I did communion with this scripture and prayer I felt an immediate release of spiritual heaviness lift from me. So I did communion again this morning using this same scripture and prayer. I plan to continue this at least on a daily basis. And I will let you know the results. If anyone else decides to try this please let me know your outcome. Thank you so much and God bless.