• Part 1: A much different perspective on grief and sorrow. What do you think? What have you experienced?

    Sorrow Not! Winning Over Grief and Sorrow by Kenneth Copeland, ©1989 Eagle Mountain International Church Inc. aka Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Kenneth Copeland Publications, Fort Worth TX.

    Exposing the Deadly Nature of Grief

    It comes disguised as a simple, "healthy" emotion. Then, little by little, It drains you dry. It is devious and destructive, and it's the constant companion of death itself.

    Singing the Blues. It's one of humanity's favorite pastimes. Everyone does it in one form or another. Drunks balance on the bar stools and blubber about how hard life is. Christians clutch their hymnals and sing mournfully about the same thing.

    They all think they're doing it because they're sad. But they're not. They're doing it because in a peculiar kind of way, they like it.

    I first realized this years ago, before I met Jesus, when I was singing in nightclubs and bars. It seemed that no matter where I went, some guy would come stumbling up to me and ask me to sing "Melancholy Baby--not so he could forget about his sorrows, but so he could burrow more deeply into them. So he could really, really get into the blues.

    On the surface that may seem strange. But, the truth is, You've probably done the same kind of thing yourself. We all have.

    Why would we actually choose to fill sorrow? Because sorrow has an emotional kick to it. It offers a surge of feeling that, in the beginning stages, is almost intoxicating.

    The great blues singers have made their living off people who wanted to feel that rush of emotion. But it's interesting to note that the really great blues singers don't usually live very long. Take Billie Holiday, for example. People begged to hear her sing because the spirits of grief and sorrow within her were so intense they just seemed to reach out and grab you when you heard her. Yet those same spirits that made her blues so gripping, drove her to destruction.

    Grief and sorrow are dangerous. Years ago, God started jerking the wraps off them and unveiling their true nature to me in a startling way.

    He showed me that they're not the innocent emotions we've thought they were. They are actually spirit beings sent by the devil himself to steal, kill, and destroy.

    (To be Continued)


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    Cinda Abbey

    Grief Coach


  • Cinda Abbey
    Cinda Abbey Thank you for sharing Catherine and Jerry. Blessings to the both of you.
    Jun 24 - Report
  • Katherine Bailey
    Katherine Bailey I lost my son, Matt, he was 24. He crashed on his Harley. I got to spend the last few hours with him before he died. I treasure those memories. I tell everyone to always tell people you love them because you never know when they will be gone.
  • Cinda Abbey
    Cinda Abbey My heart goes out to you Katherine. Blessings to you and your family.
    Jun 28 - Report
  • Sharon Pierce
    Sharon Pierce I would love to hear more. What you say is so true. Grief grips you. I lost my only sister and my oldest son exactly 12 months apart. And it’s a battle to loose yourself from from the heaviness. It is a spirit as you say. I was encouraged by your post.
    Jul 10 - Report