• Part 4 : A much different perspective on grief and sorrow. What do you think? What have you experienced?

    Sorrow Not! Winning Over Grief and Sorrow by Kenneth Copeland, ©1989 Eagle Mountain International Church Inc. aka Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Kenneth Copeland Publications, Fort Worth TX.

    When I was teaching a series of meetings on prayer in Oklahoma, A woman was there who was grieving over the death of one of her children. Although it had been several years since the child had died, She was still deep in sorrow and grief when I met her.

    After one of the sessions, She came up to me to tell me how she'd prayed and prayed over that child and it hadn't done any good. She was crying as she spoke. Again and again, she's sobbed, "My baby died... my baby died..."

    When I opened my mouth to reply, The Spirit of God came on me and I said to her, "God didn't take your child. You let the devil beat you at the game of life, and he's still whipping you today."

    Suddenly, she was furious. She wasn't about to let me or anyone else take her grief away from her. Her husband had to take her out, she was so mad.

    The next night, however, she came back with a smile on her face. Something had obviously changed. "Brother Copeland," she said, "please forgive me. How can I ever thank you? For all these years I've been so caught up in grief that I haven't been a wife to my husband or a mother to my children.

    "When I got to thinking about what you've been teaching on prayer, I remembered all the unbelief we cried and prayed over that baby. We thought it was prayer, but there wasn't any real prayer to it. We just all agreed she was dying and kept hollering about it. We didn't release any faith to keep it from happening.

    I did let the devil beat me, back then, and he's been beating me ever since. But I'm telling you this: I will never let him do it again."

    If you've ever been seduced by grief, like this woman was, You've experienced an addictive kind of agony. You found that even though the sorrow hurts, there's something in it that makes you reluctant to let it go.

    (To be continued)

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    Holy Grief: Healing From the Loss of a Loved One