Vulnerable Transparency

  • Vulnerability and transparency is part of this beautiful journey in fully accepting ourselves..

    Real Vulnerability and Transparency takes courage. It’s the GIFT of sharing ourselves without expectations of a return.. therein lies the challenge doesn’t it?

    I (or they) may feel uncomfortable with facing the raw-ness that comes from transparency. You know?? ...that risk?? ...knowing that others might not accept that part of ‘me’ I’m not sure I want others to see...

    We think that it means we’re trusting others with it.. and trusting others is scary once ( or twice...or 3x) burned.
    Rejection is a real thing with-a real sting, after all.

    The beauty of it comes though, when I choose to release my fears of rejection by accepting MYSELF first ..
    when I realize my vulnerability isn’t so much about the risk (of losing ..what?) when opening myself up, but it’s about gaining my life back by essentially giving it away through that very place of Vulnerability and Transparency; It’s a beautiful reflection of true freedom from within the grace I give myself.

    The gift I share in my vulnerabilities and transparencies, is my hands reaching out to say.. “I get YOU, ...because of my own imperfections”.. and it’s there that removes rejection and makes room for acceptance. It’s my invitation of your allowing me to accept you.

    That’s the gift of Vulnerability and Transparency..
    Courage doesn’t come without risk, yet does come with reward.

    You know?? I wonder if that’s one of the ways Christ meant.. in laying down our own lives.. taking up the cross and following him?? i’ll have to look into that more.