How do I SIGN IN to Access my XAPIT profile on an iOS device?

  • To sign into your account on an iOS Device, go to the APPLE Store and download the XAPIT app. Once finished, select the SIGN IN option and enter your email address and password in the boxes. PLEASE remember to use the LOGIN option (not the sign-up option… that is for starting a new account). Enter the email address you used when you set up your account, then enter your password and click the "Login" button.

    If you are following these instructions and you get a message that your credentials are not correct, then you are most likely entering your password incorrectly. Send an email to SUPPORT@XAPIT.COM for assistance.

    If you do not remember your password, click the link near the password box that says, "Forgot password?". Enter your email address and you will be sent an email showing how to reset your password.
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