What is the difference between a "PAGE" and a "GROUP"?

Thank you for contacting XAPiT Support. XAPiT functions very similar to Facebook. A “Page” can be set up for a high-profile person, business, or ministry. A “Group” would be best for a social group (like a group of people sharing recipes, classic cars, topical discussions, and more).

You would set up the "Page" or "Group" as a sub-account under your personal profile. A “Page” or “Group” cannot be set up as a standalone account. You would act as the primary admin of the page, and you can also appoint others that you trust as an “admin” to help you manage or moderate the page or group.

IMPORTANT INFO – You must first have a personal account on XAPiT. All business/ministry “Pages” or “Groups” must be set up under a personal account. All Business or Ministry Page or Group that is set up as a standalone account will be fully deleted and all content (photos, videos, friends, posts, etc.) in the account will be lost.

First, login to your account. If you are setting up a business or ministry "PAGE", select the link in the blue bar at the top of the XAPiT site marked "PAGES", then "Create New Page" and follow the instructions from there.

If you want to set up a "GROUP", select the link in the blue bar marked "GROUPS", then "Create New Group", and follow the instructions.

We recommend checking out (or even joining) other Pages or Groups so you can see how others have set them up to give you some ideas.

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