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  • Updated: January 31, 2021
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How do I report a fake profile or scammer?

We immediately research all reports we receive about fraudulent accounts and/or scammers. If we find they are fake accounts, they will be banned from using XAPiT immediately.

BUT... for us to do anything about problem accounts or posts, we need our members to send us details on the perceived violation, including the actual link of the offender’s profile page so we can research the report and take action if necessary.

Without detailed info, we cannot ban or suspend the offenders. We are sure you can appreciate that we cannot take corrective action against a member without detailed information on why we took action to punish the reported member(s).

Please provide us as much information as possible, including any messages exchanged with the offending member(s). Please send the information to SUPPORT@XAPIT.COM and we will review your report thoroughly.
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