Why are there so many people I don't know asking to be friends?

We have put many security features in place to prevent fake profiles. However, some still get through and we are constantly looking for those and remove them. One way that helps us immensely is to have our members report the fake profiles to us. Here are 4 ways to handle friend requests…

If someone asks you to be friends, we recommend you click their profile photo and LOOK at their profile page before you accept. If you are not comfortable with what you see, OR if you get a message that you cannot view their profile for any reason, you can do one of 4 things:

  • IGNORE the request. Don’t click any buttons and just forget it is there. If you choose this, you will still see their request in your pending friend request list.

  • REJECT their friend request. Clicking the “Reject Request” button will cancel the request and remove it from your view, but it will allow them to ask you again if they choose.

  • REJECT AND REPORT their friend request. (RECOMMENDED IF YOU SEE A MESSAGE THAT YOU CANNOT VIEW A MEMBER PROFILE) Click the “Reject Request” button, then immediately click the “Mark as Spam” button, and then report it. This will keep them from asking you to be friends again, plus it will place a mark against their account. Excessive marks against a member will result in their account being banned, possibly forever. Please do NOT use this option unless they are harassing or threatening you in some way, as some people simply want to be friends with new people and have no ill-intent.

  • BLOCK them. You can block any other member from being able to see your account, which means they cannot ask you to be friends again. Here is the link with instructions on how to block someone:
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