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    Discover the nutritional and medicinal profiles of 33 foods, herbs and spices! Vitamins and minerals they contain, phytochemicals they possess, and the various ways they benefit the human body are all presented for your enjoyment. Each month features one or two wholefood profiles, and June of each year encourages you to consider how the food you've learned about can benefit your household. Buy for yourself, or purchase for others. Perhaps post one to the workplace staff lounge. Check link for..
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    • I Love Vintage
      Shop MimisJewelryBoutique on Etsy and use the coupon code for 30% off at check out.
      We want to welcome our XAPIT family! Get 15% of your first purchase in 2021. Use coupon code XAPIT15 at checkout. Minimum order US$25.00. This coupon excludes Gift Certificates, Bundles, Affiliate Options, Bulk orders and Sale Items.
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      COINBASE is the safest and easiest place to start your crypto adventure, in my opinion. It has been around the longest and has the best reputation, according to the research I have done. (Always do your OWN research). They are cool! Once you join, they will offer you additional ways to earn free crypto. You will read mini-lessons about crypto assets then take quizzes that are ridiculously easy! Once you pass the quiz, they will credit you free crypto of that asset! (Usually between $1 and $10 va..
    • Juice Powders for Cell Power
      The AIM Companies is a global group whose common goal is to provide high-quality, science-based whole-food concentrates and nutritional supplements through a network marketing business plan. The mission of The AIM Companies is Improving Quality of Life through both health and wealth. Benefits of AIM membership Shop wholesale and save up to 30 percent over retail price Unlock additional savings and automatic ordering Earn income today by buying at wholesale and reselling at retail Be your ow..
    • Create Your Own Faux Finishes [Free Booklet]
      Get Inspired By Ideas Weezy shares ideas that you can take simple plan cardboard and turn it into a chic and popular finish. This booklet shows creative ideas of faux finished to inspire you to make your home or objects more interesting. These technics can be used for photography backgrounds too.
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