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    This group is a special christian resource center and houses access links to FREE ( yes , i said it but its true ) encouraging short videos that give depth in teaching together with exciting testimonies on them

    CHECK OUT ... ...  more
    led by Alan Bowman

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    Bold Warriors - Before the Throne of Grace

    Those who belong to Jesus Christ are told to boldly go before the throne of grace, to ask in faith and to trust He will answer us. This group is to encourage believers to do just that. To boldly come before our God. To fight against the enemy in prayer....  more
    led by Erica Losch

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    The River Barrie

    Followers of Jesus reaching out to others and bringing them into fellowship with Him
    led by Herman Overdijk

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    The Faithful Remnants

    Folks it's time to back away from OPWDD and start saying no to the vaccine. I am starting this group for parents who have ab adult at home with Developmental Disabilities to feel free to express their feelings.
    led by Nicholas Baker

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    Heaven's Fans Club 天堂粉团

    To help fans of Heaven to share and communicate for realizing the Heaven's culture on this earth.
    led by Jacob of the east

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    Fans of Kat Kerr

    This group is to share thoughts about all the amazing videos, prophecies, artwork, angel photos and messages from Prophet Kat Kerr. We want to collect and discuss all the messages about spiritual warfare, prayer tips and encounters with God and heaven too.
    led by Phillip Aiken

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    pray for California and all Democratic-run states

    This group is for all who are willing to pray for the State of California—including, those of which are typically overrun by those on the far-left.
    led by Crystal Griffith

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    Cross of Jesus Christ Ministries prayer wall

    Since we started this ministry, in 2015, it has grown beyond our wildest dreams. As of today, we have more than 180 000 members all over the world who follow us on a regular basis. We are privileged to minister to them for free and to teach the Bible on...  more
    led by Ernie Hume

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    People who come together raising the banner of the Lord
    led by Vanz chithrai

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    MeetANDGreet/ShowYourSelfFriendly - SYSF!

    I think it'd be fun to meet out on the road! As events happen across the country if we plan to attend we can meet in a lobby or wherever and hug! All welcome to post events.

    For example:...  more
    led by Define Hicks

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    Christian Perspectives

    Living a Christian lifestyle in an ungodly world can make life very difficult at times. The writer of Hebrews in chapter 10 says, let us . . . encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near. That is exactly what...  more
    led by Robin McKinley

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    Creyentes Cristianos de EE. UU.

    Dios está uniendo a su pueblo en oración, tal como lo hizo con las colonias. Es necesario que establezca grupos de oración sin denominación en cada pueblo y ciudad de los EE. UU. Unidos en oración, retendremos la tierra. (Consulte Nextdoor para un...  more
    led by Kelly Jadon