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    Blacksmiths and Knifemakers

    World's okayest Blacksmiths and Knifemakers unite! Let's help each other become better at what we love and do! We need those with no experience so that we get good questions and we need those with lots of experience so we get great answers :)
    led by Logan Howlett

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    Central Oklahoma Poultry and Fowl

    A group to share information with one another about poultry and fowl. Buying and selling is permitted but it is between each individual not the group itself.
    led by John Knispel

  • 378

    Kentucky Christians Unite

    All things Kentucky - a place for fellowship, sharing nearby events, etc. All are welcome!
    led by Karen Gennuso 

  • 718

    Gospel and Inspirational Music

    Music to make you praise, dance and worship our Lord. Short scripture will also occasionally be posted.
    led by Don Menefee

  • 591

    Pioneers searching for their Tribe

    How many of you have something the Lord has called you to yet you know you can't do it alone. It calls for a tribal family of like minded people to come along and add their piece to your vision. If that's you, this group is for you. Many of us have been...  more
    led by Kimberly Kertis

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    Your Skin Your Look VIP W/Yvonne

    Beauty, Skincare & Glamour
    led by Yvonne Murphy

  • 510

    Amish through the lens

    photos of the landscape and culture of the Amish communities
    led by Michael Thomas

  • 511

    Caribbean islands through the lens

    photos of landscape and wildlife of Caribbean islands on cruising
    led by Michael Thomas

  • 462

    Indiana through the lens

    photos of landscape and Wildlife of the state of Indiana
    led by Michael Thomas

  • 511

    Florida through the lens

    photos of landscape and wildlife of Florida
    led by Michael Thomas

  • 418

    Tennesse through the lens

    photos of landscape and Wildlife Tennessee
    led by Michael Thomas

  • 806

    The Cutter's Bench

    Bruce Furst is hand cutting all precious gem stones. He can custom cut anything you'd like. I'll post pics but if you searching
    for something special, contact me and I'll see if its in his inventory or ready to be cut. He's is a master cutting doing the...  more
    led by Renee Furst