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    Florida through the lens

    photos of landscape and wildlife of Florida
    led by Michael Thomas

  • 329

    Tennesse through the lens

    photos of landscape and Wildlife Tennessee
    led by Michael Thomas

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    The Cutter's Bench

    Bruce Furst is hand cutting all precious gem stones. He can custom cut anything you'd like. I'll post pics but if you searching
    for something special, contact me and I'll see if its in his inventory or ready to be cut. He's is a master cutting doing the...  more
    led by Renee Furst

  • 308

    Beauty Remnant

    welcome to the Beauty Remnant
    My vision.
    This is the thing, I love helping women stay young by looking and feeling beautiful....  more
    led by Jennifer Jacobson

  • 229


    Nightly praise and prayer for our country
    led by Darla Lucero

  • 379

    Lydia's League

    Lydia's League was founded to help Christian Women in Business step out in their Identity in Christ, Impact their Networks - true discipleship and be part of a network that comes together to help each other's business increase, hold them accountable, and...  more
    led by Margaret Iuculano

  • 418

    Jumpstart your journey to becoming

    Health and wellness weight loss
    led by Gloria Lier Dahme 

  • 279

    Catholic Faith Tradition

    A solid Catholic Faith Group that espouses the Church prior to Vatican II which was the Latin Mass only.
    led by Roger Bouchard

  • 312


    Sharing from the treasures of God-wisdom learned from my own journey of deliverance, to aid Prisoners of Hope arise, & become Covenant Trophies being fashioned by God into Pillars of His Strength!
    led by Iris Luke

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    Abortion is murder...Life begins at inception/conception and one of God's greatest gifts to us are our babies. Abortion goes against the Laws of God. There's no denying how our Father feels about abortion.
    led by Diane/Dreemer Yarbrough

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    Novus Ordo Exodus

    This group is for people who have left the Novus Ordo Church and entered the faithful Catholic Latin Mass Church. We also encourage those thinking of possibly leaving the Novus Ordo.

    We welcome you all into this group! Join us in our journey within...  more
    led by Roger Bouchard

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    Featuring the most banned information and content creators in the world!
    led by Alex Jones