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  • 650

    Growing Plants

    Indoor/outdoor/propagation/seeds/cutting. Questions and Answers. God's creation is awesome.
    led by Sue Rhoads

  • 18

    Tonopah Valley community

    Communicate with community, sell your treasures, socialize with neighbors, there will be no disrespectful actions towards anyone tolerated, thank you for coming!
    led by Billie Duvall

  • 787

    gamers unite

    for people to talk about video games, share videos. new content.
    led by eric turley

  • 671

    The Eagle's Nest

    We are a new prophetic generation who are students of the Word of God. Our passion is to always be maturing spiritually and to reflect the true character and nature of the Father according to the biblical scriptures whenever we minister. Members are not...  more
    led by Luis Castillo

  • 561

    Teacher's For Positive Change

    In a world where Humanistic teaching pervades the very core of what students are learning, we need teachers who are working to make a positive change.

    For some we are their only view of the Gospel—their Bible translation.

    Preservation of Phonics and...  more
    led by Keith White

  • 834

    Casper Youth for Christ

    YFC reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other likeminded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the...  more
    led by sharon Wood

  • 19

    Women Of Honour (WON)

    A prayer group for women who believe in God and whose faith is in Christ Jesus. A charitable organization and a healing place.
    #Pastor OgeQueeny’s Ministry.
    led by Oge Queeny

  • 3

    God's favour and Grace

    the only possibility we have in this world is God's favour and Grace
    led by Kevin Frank

  • 786

    Mother Essentials Paparazzi Jewelry

    Everything $5 . Lead and nickel free jewelry. My website is :
    led by Toni Loop

  • 984

    FED UP!                       

    We are searching for the individuals ready and willing and fully capable of standing up and defending this great land! We are Fed Up with the lawlessness going. This is the preparations we don’t want to take, this is the creation of the next Civil War....  more
    led by Jeremy Newsome

  • 682

    Women Who Pray War Room (WWP)

    Women who pray strategically and effectively to bring the glory and the Kingdom of God into the earth and decimate the kingdom of satan.
    led by Becky Bunei

  • 889

    The Watchmen On The Wall

    We are a group of believers and followers of Jesus Christ, walking in His completed victory of the cross at Calvary, in unified faith__ believing for the our prayers to make a difference in the lives of those we pray and intercede for __whether the need...  more
    led by JIm Phillips