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    All Things Dog For Dog Lovers

    A place where dog lovers everywhere can come to exchange dog stories, photos, upbeat videos, and all kinds of information related to dogs.
    led by K Makely

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    Church Worship Production

    This group will discuss all topics about the production of Worship services. If you are involved in your churches video, streaming and any other production tools like Propresenter then this is a group you will definitely enjoy.
    led by Pastor Glenn Clark

  • 906

    Global Prayer Iniative

    Although we live in Idaho, a part of my heart will always be in Iowa. This group is a community of like minded believers who celebrate the surrendered life, Courts of Heaven ministry and Native American culture. We are ambassadors of reconciliation who...  more
    led by Daniel Dean

  • 902

    Writing For Christ

    People sharing their personal spiritual writings stories, poems etc.
    led by Ang Kahler 

  • 768

    Buffalonians Against Excessive Quarantine (716)

    This group is for the active promotion of the sovereignty of citizen rights for those within the WNY area whilst under quarantine measures. Within this group, we support dialogue of the news updates regarding current measures taken on a state and local...  more
    led by Devon Rusinek

  • 701


    Welcome!!! This page is to help bring about awareness of all things hemp, including CBD, and how wonderful it is! Feel free to add appropriate posts, share our posts and please feel free to invite everyone to this group!!
    FDA...  more
    led by Sheri Stubbs

  • 1,139

    His Word fulfilled

    This is a prophecy based group. I've had a Facebook page for going on 8 years. I listen to GOD's Word and post what I feel is His Word to me. Sometimes the truth cuts like a two-edged sword but we must speak the Word as GOD gives is to us [Hebrews 4:12].
    led by Michael Brand

  • 579

    Discussions at the round table

    The purpose of this page is to engage with people utilizing cyberspace as a platform for discussion; to share, empower and inform the uninformed...
    To address and discuss issues of interest; Exchange, share views on any given topic of interest at the...  more
    led by Ngati Tua

  • 792

    Cancer Connections

    The different theories, both conventional and alternative. All types and all info welcome.
    led by Tracy Spires

  • 7 4 3,722

    Qanon Patriots

    Follow Q and share intel. A place to share the truth and theories. Try to share reliable info as much as possible.
    led by Eric Gabay

  • 1,111

    Feet to Dreams

    Welcome Dreamers! This community is focused on living life healed, healthy, and whole: spirit, soul, and. body.

    We are discovering our God-given dreams and identifying faith-filled action steps to realize and live the life you have envisioned!

    Today...  more
    led by Kathy Privitera

  • 837

    Next Agers - Kingdom Age

    Now is the time for us to progress beyond the basic message of Christ and advance into perfection. The foundation has already been laid for us to build upon: turning away from our dead works to embrace faith in God, teaching about different baptisms,...  more
    led by Mary Rita Salaa