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    The Torah Experience

    More than mere observance - when mixed with faith, Torah is an experience.
    led by Miguel Labrador

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    I Stand With Israel

    God will bless those who bless Isreal ! I Believe Loving Israel Is Loving the Lord
    led by Deleted Member

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    Creative Prompts

    Creative Ideas and Creative Responses
    led by Winter Mxninch

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    Honouring, Believing, Trusting and Standing up for the Written Word of God
    led by Veejay Dany

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    The Healing Horse

    A place for those who own or love one of God's most beautiful creatures - the horse. Join us in discussions on how God has used a horse for your healing or used you for a rescue horses' physical or emotional healing.
    led by Barb Tucker

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    Uncommon Woman Of Faith In The Marketplace

    There are many individuals offering business start-up information, training, how to books and so forth. As a female in business you need assurances of entrepreneurial effectiveness. Your "how to" shouldn't outweigh your foundational applications towards...  more
    led by Dr. Brandy F Gibson

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    Children of the King of Glory

    Jesus Is Our King Of Glory
    led by Deleted Member

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    Jesus Is Light Of The World

    Please "Like" & "Follow" our pages to engage with God's Love & Words...
    led by Esther Wong

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    Avant-garde randomness
    If you're ready for this Jelly,
    If you're not ready for this Jelly,
    If you like Jelly,
    Jellyfish is here to write random comments, float around, and be easy breezy
    led by Winter Mxninch

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    Believers AwaQening

    A group for believers in God who want to understand what is happening in our nation and around the world concerning Q and this spiritual battle that we are in.
    In this group we will keep the main thing, the main thing! Any posts that are anti God, anti...  more
    led by Becca Whetstone

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    Homeschool Mommas of Texas

    A place to pray together, encourage one another and seek advice!
    led by Kelly Campbell