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    Elijah the Prophet's Following

    Discussion about Elijah the Prophet, the third Elijah,, and restoration of all things. Join and ask questions. I am the third Elijah, and is my fruit, and I welcome...  more
    led by Robert Becker

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    Morning Meditations

    This group is for everyone who desires to grow closer to the Lord Jesus Christ an by doing so; learn to express this closeness to others by witnessing about the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    led by Robert Thomas Jr

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    Please be part of our campaign to save lives of young Orphans and Widows who are going through very difficult situation in some African countries. Our Foundation, THE GET UP AND WALK FOUNDATION is there to help Orphans and Widows who are suffering alone...  more
    led by Humphrey Minja

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    Austrian Economics

    Led by Ludwig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, Murray N. Rothbard, and other scholars, the Austrian School features distinctive theories of money and capital, the business cycle, the role of the entrepreneur, and the effects of government intervention in...  more
    led by Richard Duke

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    RWD motor swaps lsx & friends

    Group to discuss engine swaps on cars. This group is not for discussion of transverse mounted engines, as attempting to impress little boys in high school is not the purpose of this group. This is not a LSX only group. I just titled it that way because...  more
    led by Mike McLean

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    We are the Free in Freedom!

    There is a saying that "Freedom isn't free." We do have to fight for it, and it can come at a great cost. We are more powerful when we find common ground and fight as one. We may not always agree but we will always be there to fight for what's right. We...  more
    led by Nikk Arulfo

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    Happy Health

    Great health is one way to promote happiness and it starts in the gut! Let's look at natural, God given nutrients, to achieve optimal gut health which leads to great health throughout the body, mind, soul and spirit. Our goal is to provide natural...  more
    led by Dawn Cooper-Bohas

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    Navigating The Courts of Heaven

    This is a group that allows people to share their Courts of Heaven testimonies and shared experience in this dynamic gift from the Father. This is also a place to ask questions and discuss The Courts of Heaven blessing. Rather than going to the battle...  more
    led by Daniel Dean

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    Everything Cross Stitch

    Bring it all. Snarky, nerdy, beautiful
    Keep it polite. No telling others how wrong they are, just appreciation for their work and help WHEN asked for it.
    led by Donna Ward

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    People of Illinois Vs. J.B. Pritzker

    A group determined and committed to gaining back the freedoms stolen from us by a tyrannical Governor. We seek legal solutions in the form of lawsuits- both independent and class action. We choose NOT to sit back allow our freedoms and our constitution...  more
    led by Kelli Leavens

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    Decree & Declare in this New ERA

    Prophetic Decrees for a good hope and a future
    led by Cheryl Stevens