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    Georgia SFA Chapter 59

    This is a group of current or former Special Forces service members and their families. The group is primarily composed of those living in Georgia, but also others who have served our Nation.
    led by Mayo Hadden

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    Cape Fear NC Region

    Those residing in the Cape Fear, New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick, Columbus,and Onslow Counties
    led by Thomas Simpson

  • 455

    Retired Paramedics

    For those that have made it to retirement
    led by Thomas Simpson

  • 583

    Kin & Kingdom’s Books

    This is where you can learn about my latest books on Heaven, how to have more of the Kingdom of God on the earth, and how to live constantly in the culture of Heaven.
    led by Angela Curtis

  • 636

    Creekside House of Prayer

    We are a Bible (KJV) church,. We believe in the old time salvation of our God. We enjoy good gospel music and preaching. Our goal is to win the lost to Jesus and be a help and blessing to the saints. We do not believe in the color of the skin but preach...  more
    led by Pastor H. Max Jackson

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    Intercessors for California

    Intercessors for California is a prayer-based group for the purpose of transforming this state. We are passionate about the praying God’s heart. He cares about every state in the United States of America and the world. He still speaks to us today. We...  more
    led by Nancy Townsel

  • 1,425

    Crafting Friends

    Show your crafts, ask for help/suggestions, get constructive feedback.
    led by Elizabeth Bowen

  • 2,032

    Personal Prophecy Group

    Would you like to be prayed for and receive a prophecy over your life?

    Come walk with us here in this group we also have a group with this same name on Facebook
    led by Bjarki Clausen

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    I AM Equipping Center Iceland

    Iceland Apostolic Mission Center. Into Iceland out of Iceland with the gospel.
    led by Bjarki Clausen

  • 2,196

    Vintage For Sale

    All things vintage for sale. No post of links, post photos and details with listing. Must include price on all items.
    led by Rhonda Vega Emanuel

  • 2,569

    Memphis Light

    A Christian LLC that God has told me to create

    The company will help people of all churches come...  more
    led by Thomas Bledsoe